Top Ten Zoe-day

There is actually about 10 thousand and 1 things I like about celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe. Haters gonna hate but I ain’t one ’em. And either is Long.

First 5 are from moi and then Long chimes in and shocking not shocking we have some overlap.

1. She’s not afraid to wear, well anything, but I think she rocks it in all shades of the my fave color pink.


and I love that she incorporates it into her RTW line.

Like this little number. (on sale now!)


or this beauty (also on sale here)


Or this petal pink goddess gown.  (also on sale here!) Yes, please.


I’m also quite smitten with this Balenciaga hanging in her home. (via the Coveteur)

pink dress

2. Two words: Ginormous Sunnies.

Rachel pulls them off like no other.

3. You know I am mildly obsessed with the red carpet – well, guess who’s responsible for some of my very fave red carpet looks of all time.

She always helps her buddy Jen look her best.

Demi, Cameron, and Keira don’t look too shabby, either.

And Eva made my best-dressed of all time list way back when by teaming up with Rachel in 2009.


Bravo, Rachel!

4. The Rachel Zoe Project.  I was obsessed. It was watching this that made me realize Rachel Zoe wasn’t just some skinny LaLa Land stylist dripping in fur &accessories but that she is also real AF.

This Glamour article highlights some of the best clips.

And of course I still catch myself using some of her catchphrases on the daily.

“I die.”


“Shut it down.”

“Beyond major.” (I don’t really use this so much but maybe I’ll start?)

5. She embraces being a mom.  I know this is corny and trite but I love it anyway. And she obvs does it with style.


“Don’t be scared and trust your instincts. And try not to miss anything and enjoy every minute of it.” — Rachel Zoe, with advice to new moms


She even has a super-chic baby line at Nordstrom.


Enter: Long

6.Extra large, huge Starbucks cup.  Always.  Insiders say RZ drinks tea.  I like to imagine she’s a hardcore caffeine freak like me #Dunksforever.

7.Her A-list celebrity styling clients.  Even if she isn’t your jam, she makes people like Keira Knightley, Jen Garner, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lawrence look pretty damn glam for big red carpet events.

8. Rodg.  Enough said.


(some may say her best accessory for 20+ years)

9. Killer heels.  Always.  Neither Loomis nor I are tall people, so we feel her need for height.


and not just for a night on the town.

Shopping while holding a baby? Sure.


escalators? of course.


10. This Director of Business Development is entirely impressed with how RZ has evolved from being a celebrity stylist, to having her own TV show, and ultimately her own empire.  (Mark my words, someday you will be able to buy the Loomis & Long Guide to Life and subscribe to our L&L Box of Style! Get on the waiting list now.)

Speaking of, did you happen to see what is inside the Summer 2017 Box of Style?



We die!!

Until we have our own LL&L Style Box, you can order these two RZ approved favorites right here!  Just like RZ, we also love the super amazing “goes on sheer” Protect Sun Stick and multi-tasking Color Pinch Cream Blush that you can use on both lips and cheeks for a gorgeous glow.

Thank you, Ms. Zoe, for inspiring us with your unparalleled style and for supporting the movement for safer beauty.

fact sheet zoe report

Because without our health, perfect pink dresses, ginorm sunnies, and sky-high stilettos won’t get you anywhere.


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