Reese Classics

Long and I love a good theme and our Draper James visit has inspired a (short) week dedicated to Reese Witherspoon.

I have to admit, she used to annoy me a bit. It wasn’t until she was involved in that drunk driving incident and started screaming ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” to the po-po that I really warmed up to her. I would 1000 percent do that if I was famous. One of the many reasons God has decided to make me not famous.

Anyhoot, Long is going to tackle some of Reese’s finest fashionable moments tomorrow and today I’d like to acknowledge some of her most prized acting roles.


Some Oscar-worthy . . . some NSM.

man in the moon

Holy nostalgia.  Actually to be honest I can’t remember much about this movie except that I LOVED it.



“Together, forever. Or else.” So amazingly terrible.

Who can forget cringe-worthy Cruel Intentions?


I feel like I still shouldn’t be allowed to see this movie.


cruel 2

even more terribly amazing (or is amazingly terrible?) than FEAR.

and of course the iconic Elle Woods portrayal in Legally Blonde.

elle 2

We recently watched this with our 8 year olds as a family.  A liiiiiitttle premature on that viewing (totes inappropes!)

But rather amusing for Mom and Dad.


and some important life lessons.

elle 3

And forreals our girl clinched an Oscar for her role as June Carter.

walk the line

I have a serious crush on the Johnny & June real-life love story and Reese and Joaquin did it justice.


Plus, she gets major points for her amaze hair in this flick.


Oh, and guess what, the gal can sing!

Which must be how she landed this coveted role  . . .


This is actually one of my fave movies EVER. If you have kids or not – a must-see!

Okay, so Reese’s other Oscar nom was for her role as Cheryl Strayed in Wild. This was good stuff.  Tough stuff but good.


I left this theater a different person than I went in.  I can only say that about a handful of movies and this was one of them.  Particularly because of this line.


and this . . .

db82c483a3ed261c2906337be092c106Ugh, now I’m crying. Time to switch gears.



If you don’t know what movie I’m referring to, never talk to me again.

The End.

Just kidding not really

Reese’s latest and greatest might very well be her greatest.  As previously mentioned, Long and I are both obsessed with Big Little Lies.


Season 2 on the horizon.


What’s your fave Reese performance?




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