Fun Friday!

It’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and that means fun with a capital F. Back in my mid 90’s glory days, this weekend was one of the most fun of the entire year . It meant heading out to your share house in the Hamptons for the inaugural summer weekend. Thank the Lord we didn’t have cell phones then, or reality shows.  The Drift Inn (RIP) was always on the agenda.


(This photo is appropriately blurry, just like my memories.)

Those were the days.

For the last three years, I’ve spent Fun Friday heading to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a soccer tournament with my baby girl.


Truth be told, it’s not exactly my dream long weekend…with the cows…in PA.


 But, like anything, if you do it with the right attitude and the right people, good times can be had.


I wish my fun Friday included a little bit more of this,


but there will  be plenty more of that to come this summer.

Whatever you are you up to this fun Friday, Loomis & Long hope you relax, kick your feet up and enjoy.

That’s what fun Fridays are for.


P.S. If we did haul all this way to play soccer, we might as well WIN IT (again!)   Go GC Xtreme!


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