Top Ten Tuesday – Inspired by Pippa

Pippa’s nuptials this past weekend got us going down wedding memory lane.


(BTW, in case you were blacked out on Nantucket under a rock this past weekend and missed all the hoopla, check out all the best Pippa coverage here.)

We were brides once (it’s true!) and we live for this stuff!



wedding dress 2




(RIP, Scooter, and yes, I was a child bride)

On that note, here are our Top 10 favorite celebrity weddings.

In common, we share these 3 timeless iconic nuptials, that still take our breath away.

1. Princess Diana & Prince Charles

Image: Prince Charles, Princess DianaBecause we were little girls once who watched with our moms and we will never EVER forget, especially when she waved right at us.Here Comes The Bride

  2.  Princess Kate (or Cake as C & P used to say) & Prince Horseface


pippa-middleton-d-800Because we have little girls who watched with us and will never EVER forget, and again she was waving right at us!


hey, girl, hey!

   3.  John John & Carolyn

john john


Just because . . . it’s EVERYTHING. If your heart doesn’t skip a beat when you see this image you might want to go to the doctor.


In addition, Long goes with…

4.  Sofia Coppola (2nd time around, sorry Spike).  Sofia is my ultimate queen. Cool, stylish, smart and confident.  Her second wedding to rocker Thomas Mars was all of the above. They got married in a beautiful, small ceremony in her family hometown of Bernard, Italy.  She wore a custom Azzedine Alïa dress in light lavender.  No need for the traditional white for this badass.  Loomis, maybe I do get the rocker thing after all, especially if they clean up like Thomas?


5.  My heyday was in the ’90’s, so JA and Brad had to make my list.  She had the perfect Rachel hair, and he was the ultimate hottie. They got married in Malibu (where else?).  She wore Prada, and the entire cast of “Friends” was there.  He vowed to “split the difference on the thermostat,” and she promised to always make his “favorite banana milk shake.”  And, well, the rest was history.


6.  Keira Knightley & James Righton – I swear, not just because we are both obsessed with “Love, Actually.”  Keira was, kinda like Sofia, another low key, bohemian bride.  My shrink would have a field day with this.  For the record, I had a classic, 200+ person country club wedding in the suburbs.  K&J  got married in a tiny town in the South of France.  She had daisies in her hair, wore a bouclé Chanel jacket and a tulle skirt, nude flats.  Hipster perfection.


Loomis adds…

7. Olivia Palermo had all stylish eyes on her, waiting for the ultimate style guru to unveil (pun always intended) her wedding look in 2014. They revealed only two pictures, taken by her husband (self-timer?) screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-8-54-51-amand they freaking nailed it.



via Olivia Palermo

Hats off to Olivia & Johannes for their intimate ceremony.

8. I prefer a teeny bit more pomp & circumstance however, which is why Giovanna Battaglia’s lavish Capri wedding WON MY SUMMER last year.  And no, I didn’t go, that’s how good it was. Stalking from afar what the highlight of my summer.


The celebration included soooooo many dresses, and dance floors on the cliffs of Capri, oh and an all-night party on a barge that actually crossed country borders.

I obvs have a lot to say about this wedding but just one more of Gio at her rehearsal. Please do yourself a favor and check out more from these OOFC nuptials via W Mag.giovanna-battaglia-second-wedding-dress

9. So my girl, Poppy, didn’t go quite as all out as Gio, but I’m feeling just the 2 super cool weddings.  First one in Chanel in the UK.



Second bash in Marrakesh.

so smitten with these sissies.


You must see all the deets from both affairs here.

10. I’m going to switch gears for my last wedding and go with Ellen & Portia because LOVE freaking WINS.



& because they danced to one of my fave wedding songs, Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” (future Top Ten?) AND because Ellen surprised Portia at the wedding with a song from her favorite singer, Joshua Radin, “Today“.  If you don’t know it I highly suggest you give it a listen.

Oh boy, now I’m weeping.

Thanks for the inspo, Mr & Mrs. Pippa  . . .


and for the drive down wedding lane.



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