Friday Fun

It has been one looooong week over here (pun, always intended).  It’s time to lighten up a bit.  As my partner Loomis brilliantly said, “sometimes you just need the peonies and wallpaper.”  So, here are some things that are making me smile this Friday.

One of my favorite new tops is back in stock at Social Threads.  Hook yourself up.

This book nerd is thrilled her summer reading list is locked and loaded (follow me on Goodreads – Annie Long Sullivan).  Currently, I can’t put down Behind her Eyes and on deck next is Fake Plastic Love, written friend of our #1 blog fan, Kerry (sorry, Mom).

I fell in love (read, bought everything) with Shade Amour at a pop up shop yesterday.  Think Calypso or Roberta Roller Rabbit at a much more affordable price point (everything is $68 and under).  You must check them out.   That’s an order!


7 DAYS UNTIL MEMORIAL DAY!  The Sullivan cabana is all cleaned out and open for business.  God bless Mr. Sullivan.  That is a chore — one of many — that I do not do!


(Hi girls!)

The official song of summer 2017 still remains to be seen.  Any contenders?  None yet coming out of my dirty Suburban.  Loomis?  John Hanna? Predictions?


I didn’t get the nickname of Tannie for nothing.  My secrets to a faux summer glow when I haven’t logged any beach time yet?  Dew Skin, Bronzer and Shimmer Oil. You’re welcome.

Friday night is pizza night in our house.  Last week we tried Naples Street Food in Franklin Square. It really is as good as Grimaldi’s, plus they deliver.


Bro rompers are really a thing, which simply cracks me up.  Please assure me Horseface isn’t wearing one? #loomiswouldbepissed  What about you, Hanna?


Loomis is on ACK, and our pop up shop is officially open for the season.  Now, that’s something to be happy about.FullSizeRender-11.jpg



P.S.  Pippa’s getting married this weekend!  I’m giddy! More to come on this  next week!

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