Mother’zzzzzzz Day Gift Guide



So my 2017 Mother’s Day gift guides kick off with my favorite part of the day . . . bedtime. (Long agrees) Treat your fave mums in your life to some sleepytime essentials to help her catch her Zzzzzzzs and not become Mommy Dearest. (one of my many nicknames is Joan by the way . . . get it?)


1. I personally struggle with insomnia and need a little somethin’ somethin’ more than melatonin to drift off, if you catch my drift (pun intended always). This clever brass box was my very favorite Christmas gift this year and makes me smile whenever I see it on my bedside table. (Thanks, Lis)

2.This silk pillowcase by Slip in Australia has multiple bennies.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.51.13 AM

yes, please.

It’s a whole real thing!

and don’t just take my word for it – as seen in . . .


3 & 4. One of the reasons bedtime is my fave is my nighttime Beautycounter ritual.  The rejuvenating night cream and plumping oil (with peony extract) feel like heaven and I trust them to perfectly hydrate my skin throughout my dreams of Riggins all night. And help me look like Lyla when I wake up!


5. Don’t forget to take off the crown jewels before you rest.  This is the perfect catchall for all the queen bees in your life. (20% off with code WINWIN)

6.Speaking of jewels. Swooning over this precious mama ring.  (Comes in blue, too!)

7.Ahhhh, everyone needs a lovely robe for lounging.  This one is lined with soft terry on the inside (and bonus, 20 percent off with code : PRETTYSMART)

8. Clearly a misprint (these are fully customizable), this witty eye mask should obvs say ‘JOAN IS NOT HERE!’ for when my kids come in to ask for one million things at night.

9. The perfect jammies are on sale, too! (30 percent off with code BIGSALE)

10. SO the One Line A Day book that’s been sitting on my bedside table guiltily staring at me for years apparently isn’t easy enough for me.

image by White Loft Studio

I need prompting, lots and lots of prompting, to write! (Long can back me up on this) Enter the Q & A a Day for Moms.  I know I would sleep a bit better knowing I was at least documenting some of this crazy ride called mommyhood.

11. Cashmere Cool Mom Slippers.  Yes and YASSSSS.

12. I am lost without my noise machine. This one has sounds that never repeat – no creepy wave loop! And all sorts of other crazy shiz. Which all promotes a more productive sleep cycle . . . or something like that.

Is it bedtime yet?

Joan is ti-ti.


OMG I almost forgot one of my other fave gifts to give and receive (I bought one for Long for Christmas and obvs one for myself, too)

The reading wedge from Cece Dupraz, perfectly personalized for Mom!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.13.39 AM

or blog partners 😉

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