Long’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My gift guide basically consists of everything that I could ever want for Mother’s Day. You’re welcome, Catie, Caroline, Dermot, Ellie (& Rosie).

A fresh pair of sneaks will make any active mama smile.

For the tennis nut


For the athleisure gal


For the running diva


For Loomis


I’ve been itching for one of these bangles for quite some time.


My girls and I were eye-ing them when we were in Florida.  We might need two, one for each of our special places (Atlantic Beach and Ponte Vedra.)


Speaking of Florida, these tumblers were all the rage.  Those Florida chiquitas know the importance of keeping their beverages cool.  I’m always chugging water, so thinking a Yeti would be great for the soccer sidelines, summer pool, beach etc. OF COURSE mine will be monogrammed by my friends at The Monogrammed Garden.

(Photo creds to fellow blogger @dosaygive)

I would love to try TB’s new perfume, as lavender is one of my all time favorite scents. That said, I now only wear fragrance on special occasions (the 2 nights a year I get out of my PJ’s) and I try not to spray directly onto my skin.  Read more here about why you may want to limit your use of fragrance.


This monogrammed bag is everything.  It’s the perfect size — it fits a ton, but doesn’t look like a schlepper bag.  I am also tough on bags, and mine still looks as brand new as the day I got it.

Plus, it’s fun spring-y color has instrumental in cheering me up during this spring-that-feels-more-like-October.


Parker Thatch has a new line of tee shirts, and I kinda want them all.

For moi


For Loomis (and Petunia)


Last, but not least, a girl can dream….



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