Top 10 Tuesday – The Mother’s Day Edition

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on.  Do NOT forget to take good care of your mama because…


This Tuesday, we are taking a little stroll down memory lane to our top 10 favorite Mother’s Day gifts.

1.May also signifies the start of the start of the tennis season for all of us USTA/club tennis playing gals.


Some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts have been spiffy new tennis gear: outfits, sneakers, racquets, etc.  This year, I would take this darling little number from Stella McCartney for Adidas.  (I’ll take the arms, too, please.)


2.  My Helen Ficolora necklace with my kids’ initials has stood the test of time.  It’s still one of my all time favorite pieces of jewelry.  I would post a pic of mine, but it’s so beat up, that my Creative Director (Loomis) would nix it.

But, here’s Liz Lemon’s.



3.  I am a total PURGER, so it’s some kind of miracle that I saved all these priceless Mother’s Day hand-made cards and signs. Thank you, preschool and elementary school teachers for making these projects with my little darlings. (Lord knows, I didn’t.)  It’s like you knew that one day these adorable kids would turn into moody teenagers, and I would need a reminder of how sweet and loving they can be.




(I do.)


(Note that we are watching “Long Island Medium”)

4.  May also means the start of our beach season, a sunhat is always a winning gift for moi.  For example…

My #1 all time fave


And my Palisades Hat. But, wait…


…don’t miss the back.


5.  My kids will attest that I ask for it every year, and for one day I (almost) get it…


Enter: Loomis

Tennis gear would not be a big hit (pun intended) over here but I do love my Helen Ficalora, as well.

And those mementos from the kiddos are precious – they almost make it worth it that you won’t get #5 until 2045.

OMG and this does not top Long Island Medium pic but I did stumble upon this gem.


Hey pre-school teachers – was the exclamation point really necessary?

Horseface isn’t big into gifting on Mom’s Day but we’ve had some lovely times, regardless. Here are some of my fave mum’s day mems over the years.

6. Fleurs.  I know this might seem trite but I’ll never forget when Horseface brought me this stunning bouquet when my twinkies were newly in utero.  My first real Mother’s Day after waiting so very long.first mom's day

7. And the next year on Mother’s Day we got to celebrate with C & P’s baptism. This will probably remain my fave Mom’s Day, possibly ever, as my entire family was together. It was perfect weather. It was a perfect service. My brother prepared Eggs Benedict (yum) for everyone & Looloo wore a sweatsuit.  What could be better?

Twice Blessed indeed.

*BTW this was EIGHT years ago so I realize my decor was sub-par.  Life is about evolving, people.

8. And for the last 5 years we’ve been blessed to attend the girls’ dance recital on Mother’s Day weekend.

470619_3660250859091_2035281492_oAnd what a blessing it is! Horseface despises with a passion. It is so flipping cute and I’m sad (but somewhat relieved because they are not exactly naturals) that they retired this year. We will probably go see cousin Juney tho!  Hottest ticket in town.

I’ll spare you the video but boy does it still make my heart melt. Especially the Goodship Lollipop *swoon*

Thank you, Miss Katie for the forever memories. xo

9. In 2012, post dance-recital, Horseface brought me on a Mom’s Day date to see . . . you guessed it.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. It was my first exposure to Alex and and you know how the rest of the story goes. . . so far 😉

Best.  Gift.  Evah.

10. Martinis.


end of story.


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