An American Girl in London

I adore the Ladies of London.  It might just be (shhh…don’t tell Shep), my all time favorite Bravo show.

p13416458_b_v8_aa.jpgI love living vicariously through their jaunts all over Europe. TBH, Long Island fills my cup, but only so much.  They are obvi the best dressed cast (worst dressed? Sorry, Hotlanta.)  And, Juliet bugs me just enough that I can’t help but wonder if she’s bugging me because she’s just like me: outspoken, fashionista, blogger, tennis player, mom.


Oh boy.

If I ever had the chance to hang IRL with one of them, it would be Marissa Hermer.



Now you can see why!  She also stayed true to her American self, while doing her best to fit in as a Brit, with a British husband. Plus, those adorable boys.  And Baby Sadie!


Further proof that Marissa has great taste, and is someone I would clearly want to hang with, she’s also a Beautycounter fan!  #I’mmorethanjustaBravostalker #wehavesomuchincommon


Soooooo, in 6 degrees of Beautycounter separation (it’s really a thing!), it turns out one of my dear friends from Beautycounter goes way, way back with Marissa.

I had already pre-ordered her new cookbook, and now I was going to get the inside dish (you know we love puns around here.)


For someone who does the bare minimum in the cooking department, I thought it was very user friendly, with several practical time-saving, family-friendly tips.  You can tell that M (my nickname for my new bestie) is really cooking for her crew.

I’ve never thought of myself as a chef — I’m not one.  I’m a working mother who cooks easy recipes and keeps a growing family well fed.  It’s a balancing act, and one that I will never completely figure out.

I feel ya!  Here were some of my favorite recipes included Blueberry Chia Muffins, Pea Feta Guacamole and Gluten Free Salted Caramel Brownies.

Also, as Easter is just around the corner, here are some I would make if I were hosting (and not jetting off to FLA, don’t hate!)  Because I’m in Marissa’s inner circle, I’m able to share these recipes with you.


Classic Roast Beef


Dauphinoise PotatoesCheers to M, my favorite Lady of London!


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