Top 10 Tuesday – Long’s Spring Break Essentials

3 days, but who is counting?!  This Top Ten Tuesday is all about my Spring Break must-haves.

1. I have been obsessing about these Tory Burch espadrilles and found a similar look for less from Loft.

2.  When Loft is hitting it right, they hit it SO right.  There it is. The bikini-I-have-been-coveting for less.  Like, way less.  And, I am officially a senior citizen when I admit that I prefer the Loft version, as it has straps.

3. Always up for a nice cold beer after a long day on the beach.  The Blondie Radler from Owl’s Brew is on the top of my list to try.  Dying to see what a mix of craft beer + tea tastes like. Plus, they give 1% back to clean water initiatives, which I’m always down with.  You on board, Horseface?

4. Speaking of giving back, I’ve decided I am so ridiculously sunglass obsessed, that I going forward, I should only buy sunnies that contribute in some way to society.  Cue these DIFF sunnies.  They honor a 1:1 program in which they donate one pair of reading glasses for every pair sold.

Obvi we are big fans!


5. When I plug in the earbuds in to avoid the bickering teenagers (we will see how well #7 does), the Big Little Lies Soundtrack will definitely be playing.  It has been on heavy rotation at both Chez Loomis and Casa Long.
BigLittleLiesFINAL (1)

6. A fresh and fun beach towel.  I obviously love me a tassel, and fun fact, John Robshaw (of John Robshaw Textiles) is actually the cousin of my college roomie Courtney!


7. When traveling with teenagers, it never hurts to set the tone for the trip.  Hoping this fun clutch will help make things clear.

8.  I have about a zillion beach bags (shocking, I know).  But, at the end of the day, nothing that can top the classic LL Bean Boat Bag, monogrammed, by Cece, of course.  (I know!  It’s like I live in Marblehead, but I don’t.)


9. This book, sent to me by Loomis, clearly seems like something worth reading.


10.  I’m not going anywhere without my trifecta of sunscreen products (photo creds to KST!)

17796155_10155165450508279_6140954308317029980_n (1)

Bon voyage, babies!


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