Bhutanese Bulldog

As mentioned in my bucket list travel list – I loved my visit to Bhutan and it would be an absolute dream to return with my family (and Long) someday.   This magical kingdom (literally a  kingdom) is notable for pioneering the concept of gross national happiness (GNH).  Amen to that! In South Asia, Bhutan ranks first in economic freedom, ease of doing business and peace; second in per capita income and is the least corrupt country, as of 2016. (via Wikipedia) Holla!  When I visited they had no traffic lights because they felt they were impersonal.  So there was legit a dude standing in the middle of the city directing traffic.

and beautiful prayer flags everywhere.  yes, please.

sweet shades alert!


And as previously mentioned in pretty much every post, I’m a big believer in signs and the wacky universe working in strange and magical ways.

I sent CBC postcard from Bhutan way back when (maybe 15 years ago)  – so long ago his nickname was Munky at this point (we are talkin’ pre-horseface) I thought I was quite clever looping in a monk(y) . . . I digress.


Check out the stamp . . .




What are the chances that the postage from Bhutan to NYC be a french bulldog?  Bizarro and makes me so warm & fuzzy inside.

Happy Frenchie Friday!

And happy happy weekend.  May you measure it and all your days to come in gross personal happiness, Bhutanese style


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