Loomis’s Travel Essentials

TRUE CONFESSION: I despise packing.

And like most things I despise in life, I think buying new stuff will help the cause. So I’m investing in some new travel shiz.  That will make packing fun, right?!  RIGHT?!


1. Rag & Bone “Flight” Leather Travel Bag  2. Mason Weekend Bag 3. Aluminum Carry-on 4. DesignLoveFest for Target Spinner – this entire collection is affordable and adorbs! 5. Anya Hindmarch Travel Case 6. Beautycounter Travel Bag

And I whole-heartedly agree with Annie  . . . Kravitz-sized scarf/blanket is a necessity!  I go as far as to throw some slippers into the mix.  And an eye mask because I am so glam like that.  (pass the cheezits)


1. Charlotte Olympia Cat Nap Slipper Set  2. ‘Glam’ scuff slipper 3. Slip Silk Sleep Mask (more colors) 4. Striped Cashmere Wrap 5. Silk-Cashmere Wrap (more colors)

Last 3 things for my next trip –

Comfortable & actually cool, shoes ( I know that’s an oxymoron!) – grabbing a pair of Rothy’s.  If you don’t know about these yet, you’re welcome. Obvs going for the camo.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.17.10 AM

And I need this for my travel blankie (splurge alert!).  Almost as good as having George & Petunia with me . . .

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.13.43 AM

AND I’ll be downloading the Big Little Lies soundtrack which is released TOMORROW according to Vogue.  Here’s a sneak peek – SO GOOD.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.39.20 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.39.37 AM

OBSESSED wth the show and the tunes.

Oh wait 4 things –  Long got me hooked on this book!  And since I’m not a speed reader like her I’ll be packing this a few times I’m sure.


But that’s okay because I love the looks of it so much so that my living room walls are about to resemble the cover.  (Doh!)

Happy trails! Bon Voyage! Safe Travels!  All of it, to you . . .


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