Long’s In Flight Essentials

Here are my must-have goodies for when you are flying the friendly skies.

A Scarf – I’m always cold.  And, I’m especially always cold on a flight.  The right scarf can warm you up and double as a mini-blanket.


Plus, up on arrival you can zhush it up around you and look super chic, á la Mrs. Timberlake.  (You never know, the paparazzi could be trailing you, too.)


Peppermint Oil – A magical cure for headaches…and for bad smells.

Rosewater Spray – You can’t mist enough in-flight, as it keeps your skin refreshed and moisturized.   You will hop off your flight looking as fresh as a daisy.  TSA approved, too.


A Great Book – Don’t forget to download before you leave, in case of no in-flight Wifi (my worst nightmare). If you aren’t reading Christine Lennon’s novel The Drifter, you should be!


Healthy Snacks – One of my greatest fears in life is being stuck on a plane with nothing to eat (WGP, I know)  Some of my easy, to-go faves include asmall bag of trail mix, an apple and peanut butter, or popcorn.  GoMacro Bars are my preferred energy bar du jour: Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy Free and Macrobiotic.

(Loomis would rather chew her arm off than eat one.)


Herbal Wipes – My OCD and germapobia rage when I fly. These handy-dandy, individually packaged towelettes kill germs naturally, thanks to high-quality pure essential oils, and smell like lovely lavender.  I wipe everything around me down ASAP. (GC peeps, they carry these at Natural, too)


Water/Lip Balm – Nothing dehydrates you like flying, so I always pack a refillable water bottle for the MOMENT I get through security.  Ditto on lip balm.  My lips are the first thing that dry out on a flight, no matter how short it is.


Headphones – In case you don’t want to talk to your neighbor.


Business Cards – In case you do.


Bon voyage, babies!



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