Top Ten Tuesday : Bucket List Trips

In my past life I was a corporate flight attendant, a book in and of itself, if only there were not non-disclosures involved. Womp. Besides bearing witness to some of the juiciest gossip the late 90s/early 2000s had to offer – this gig allowed me to see the world, as they say.  And for that I am forever grateful.  I have a solid mental list of where I would like to return (Paris, a thousand times Paris) and what I can cross off for eternity (I’m good on Perm, Russia & the Taj Mahal)


(Don’t I look thrilled?!)

So I will kicking off our top ten bucket list today (pun always intended). Some destinations I have been before but not with my peeps and definitely not always with my five star ratings.

1. Scotland – I’ve been here briefly but think it would be fun to go as a fam and show the little lassies Horseface’s homeland.


There’s a new Scottish landmark I’d like to check out – the Kelpies.


they even light up.


2. And as long as we are going to the homeland of Horseface we need to visit this Portuguese Princess’s roots, as well.  It’s been about 17 years since I traveled to Portugal for 2 weeks with 14 female relatives and stayed with distant cousins in their small village of Juncal.


Maybe this trip we tack on a jaunt to Praia Piquinia and perhaps wind up in a Christian Chaize photograph?  Now that would be a big ol’ drop in the bucket list!


3. Okay, this one is totally corny, but I’ve never been to Salzburg and I really want to bring my girls on the Sound of Music tour.  Permission to mock is granted.


The hills are alive with the sound of Loomis!

4. There obvs needs to be a remote island on this list, and I’ve heard the Brando is as good as it gets in that department.


5. Bhutan is hands down my fave place I’ve ever been.  Much more on this magical kingdom on Frenchie Friday.  Stay tuned – there is a method to my madness.

Taktshang in Bhutan-Beautiful landscape tourism destinations

here’s a random street sign to tide you over.


You live only once

Live it Full

[Enter: Long]

I’m not even going to get into Europe here, because thanks to my trusty Eurorail pass and Let’s Go Europe 1992, I was lucky enough to see most of Europe with some lifelong friends and amazing travel companions.  Actually, I hope our friendship isn’t over after posting these pictures?!

IMG_7087(Oh, to have those chubby cheeks back for just one day!)


So, here’s my list of non-European places that I have never been, but are most definitely on my bucket list.

1.Mexico….as detailed here.  I’m using all of my law of attraction powers to will this to happen for my 45th birthday.  Get that passport ready, Kerry!

2.Australia – A few years ago, my parents took a bucket list trip to Australia, revolving around the Australian Open.  The tennis apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
10177275_10202746649160824_9024340066920433955_nBefore they left, I spent a significant amount of energy on willing my mom to have some kind of massive stomach ailment.  Sadly, this would  mean that I would have accompany my dad on the trip instead of my mom.  (But, not SO sick, that she couldn’t take care of my kids while I was away.)  Alas, no dice.

Sorry, Beth!

And, after Loomis’s post about the gents, how could it not make the list?  Plus, beaches, wildlife, and killer shopping?  Oz, I’m in.

3.The Maldives – The Shangri La Water Villas.  Need I say more?And, of course á la Alessandra, I would insist on bringing Queen Christy Coleman with me…


4. South Africa – Loomis isn’t the only one around here creeping on Gregg.  (Restraining order officially in place for both of us in Dallas.)  I intend dragging my kids on this one for the big five-oh.  (Am I starting to sound like I am wishing my life away with these birthday trips?)  I would need one of those (luxury, duh) tours where they plan every last detail for you.  No way am I playing Julie McCoy on this one.  Not only will this adventure include family bonding galore (no cell service!), but also animals/safari, wine country (hellooooo!), and so much more.

(Loomis (one-upper) here chiming in about how I beat Long to the punch on this trip – I know she’s jealous . . . especially of my wicked cool shades)


5.Harbour Island, Bahamas – It’s hard for me to imagine that I will love a Caribbean island more than I love Jamaica, but I’m willing to give this one a shot.  It’s a definite plus that it is not so easy to get to, as I think some of the most special places are (see Nantucket)  Also, I like a simple, Caribbean elegance and not a big over the top, Manhattan on an island atmosphere (Something tells me St Barth’s is not for moi)  Onto, where to stay:  The Dunmore?FullSizeRender-9.jpg

Pink Sands?  Decisions, decisions…

What’s on your bucket list?


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