POP! up-shop season

In these parts, spring also signifies the Pop-Up shops – a two day shopping while drinking extravaganza at the beautiful Boston Yacht Club hosted by the Mother’s Co-Op .  100% of the proceeds go to Friends of Marblehead Public Schools so it also serves as my way of giving back and not feeling guilty for not volunteering for anything ever.

My philanthropy begins with a sneak peek at the vendors so I can make my mental shopping list.  This year features some of my all-time fave vendors, as well as some newbies that look a little too promising.  (#horsefaceisgoingtobepissed)


1, 2, & 3 are from the amazing Chic Streets.  Julie does such a great job buying for her accessories company – consistently nails it.

4 & 5 are some of CK Bradley‘s goodies.

6, 7, and 8 are from first-time pop up shoppers, Sugar, in Newport.  I die for those Buddhas.  And those EVERYTHINGS.

Apparently so does Oprah. (another thing Opes and I have in common.  put it on the list.)CHACHA


#gimmesomesugar #sorrynotsorry

Other vendors that caught my eye . . .

popup1.Custom PomPom hats – HatsbyOlivia – and now I have this song in my head.

Potentially forever but I’ll try not and hold that against Olivia.

2. Let’s ALL have MORE. BABIES. for one reason. ONE REASON ONLY. to wear these moccasins!  and those are just the tip of the insanely cute iceberg . . .

Whitney + Winston is a fresh face to the BYC this year and I cannot even. Their precious store in Beacon Hill gives me heart palpitations from 20 miles away. Can’t wait to see what else “pops-up” by way of these darlings.

3. #petuniacrawford NEEDS this leash from The Rigger’s Wife , based in our very own Marblehead.  (Don’t worry George fans, he’s got one coming, too. Obvs)

4.Ellie Kai will be on the scene with her made to order women’s clothing.

5. Oh, and ummm, LOVE Fair Seas Supply Co. that produces round Turkish towels, sewn in Cali and made from organic cotton.


My girl, Liz, will be there representing India Hicks with her gorgeous line of jewelry & accessories – swoon!


Oh and let us not overlook  . . . you guessed it . . . Beautycounter in the hizzy!

Please stop by and learn about our disruptive brand of safe, chic, and obsessively high-performing products from the lovely Lauren (Friday evening) & cool-ass Kimmy (Saturday).

I cannot confirm or deny if Bono or any of these other cats will be lingering at our table.  They are kind of obsessed with us and Marblehead is lovely this time of year.

And at this point I’m sure you’re aware of my long-standing love affair with CeCe DuPraz. She’s even had an entire blog post dedicated to her (that’s kind of a big deal 😉 )


Rumor has it – attendees will witness founder, Marion, in action with her actual monogramming machine.  Think she’ll let me take it for a spin?


Funny story about another vendor that I hold dear to my heart.  I had the pleasure of doing an event with Misty B’s – these yoga leggings are legit works of art.  Literally . . . it’s Misty’s art printed on her leggings!  They are STUNNING.  I couldn’t wait to wear mine to our little event – and then Bikram Yogi extraordinaire, Becky, busted out in the same exact ones and I was brought down a notch (or 17).  You kinda had to be there.  But this image might explain the scenario a bit better.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.02.34 AM

Becky, I adore you and your studio but let’s not wear matching outfits again.  deal?  deal.

Misty – keep doing what you’re doing – keep spreading happiness!

Whom else you ask? a ton more . .

pickwick knits (hand made knit toys for babies by Co-op member) * Harding-Lane – needlepoint hats, belts, accessories *Ma and Pembum – leather handbags, whose proceeds go to ending human slavery * minnow baby – MHD based, modern baby blankets and accessories * Christin McLaughlin photography – will be selling canvas prints of MHD and MHD photo greeting cards *Salty Cottage – pillows * Seaside Allure

Can’t give away all the secrets & surprises but there is a bananas amount of awesome raffle & door prizes.


bananas, I say!  But don’t just trust me . . .

pop on by for a great cause and see for yourself one week from today!


happy popping & shopping!







































































































































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