Spring 2017

Spring is all about new beginnings and it is also the perfect excuse for new things.  Here’s my list of what I’ve gotta have, like right now.

  1.  I’m always cold and spring weather is totally unpredictable, so layering is my BFF this time of year.  This cardi is perfect for just that, plus it has pockets – bonus!Six_Fifty_Ribbed_Cardigan_1_1024x1024…and as a special treat, if you order this cardi and use my code LONG15, you will get $15 off any order over $100 (valid through 3/30).  Woot!

2.  I CAN NOT get enough of this new #1 face oil.  Is it evening out my skin tone (say buh bye redness and age spots) and brightening everything up in general.  Added bonus: its key ingredient is antioxidant Vitamin C so it smells like citrus heaven.  More here about the whole regimen, should you wanna know.


3.  I’m Goop’s best customer, so if they have something fresh, GP and Co. pretty much know to run my Amex.  But, this new Goop Wellness protocol had me at hello.


I’m running full-steam ahead—and have no intention of slowing down.

-Goop and Annie Long Sullivan

I know I need to take vitamins.  I know I need some sort special cocktail of vitamins (did someone say cocktail?), but I’m too busy/lazy/tired to figure it out.  Will report back in a bit, but so far the easy and chic multipack is working for me.


4.  No better way to celebrate spring than with some fresh new workout gear (I can hear Loomis screaming YES YES YES there is a better way!)  I have been itching for some leggings in a fun spring-y color like purple, and would love to be bold/hot bod-ed enough to wear white.  I’ll leave that for the young un’s.



5.  So, when I see a jacket that is both Olivia Palermo and Marlieen approved, I’m hopping on board.  Even though my teenagers both did a massive eye roll when it arrived, I said “who cares” and have been living in it ever since.b9caeee0b5f6819476b7dfcd64fe80e8_best

6.  Nothing says spring like a darling little clutch.  And why not monogram it?FullSizeRender-3.jpg

7.  Do you really need another string-y bracelet for a cause? Yes, you need this one. Not just because its from TB.


This special-edition bracelet was created to encourage women to embrace ambition.  It features an engraved charm and a brass Gemini Link (Loomis!)  The best part of all?  100% of all net proceeds benefit the Tory Burch Foundation, which empowers women entrepreneurs by providing access to capital, education programs and digital resources. (FYI, sold out online, but you can find in your local store, if you are lucky enough to have one.)


8.  Because new things can also remind you of old things, I am totally digging this book about college kids in the ’90’s who discover how to use email and so much more.   The recommendation came via Curtis Sittenfield (author of Prep), so I had a feeling it would be a good one.


It’s a total nostalgia trip for the pre iPhone, pre social media days.  Ahh, I can smell the mulch now.

Spring on, people!



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