Spring Beauty

So it’s officially spring and we are slowly coming out of hibernation – now what?!  What are we putting on our bodies (Long will help more with this mañana) and our faces that haven’t seen the light of day in months?  We just need something.  

Something that says ‘hey, great to see you! how was your winter? I’m not trying way too hard to look nice but I also don’t want to scare you and I kind of want you to think I’ve been living at Canyon Ranch for 3 months judging by my healthy glow.”


listen to me, peeps. I have the answers.

I was recently in this scenario where I forced to “put my face on” after a long season of stuffing it with beer and nachos (and more beer) while wearing elasticized ski pants (and not actually skiing obvs)

Here’s a little before & after for you.


My friendly BC products served me well that day.  They always come through.

So what did I use? First, a trip down memory lane . . . I remember it like it was yesterday.  And maybe this makes me shallow (who, me?) but I was basically hyper-ventilating when our dew skin . . .

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 1.21.33 PM

was first released nearly 2 years ago.

“Our tinted moisturizer leaves skin with a luminous glow. Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage SPF 20 provides lightweight, sheer hydration that evens skin tone while protecting the skin from sun damage. Black currant, peony flower root extract, and vitamin C reduce the appearance of age spots and enhance skin brightness, while sodium hyaluronate promotes firmer, smoother-looking skin.”

Along with the dew skin, the “new” color cosmetics were released at the same time.  Color Pinch Cream blushers and coordinating lip glosses, oh my.  I couldn’t even . . . and I still get giddy using these three amigos!


They deliver the perfect easy natural look for spring and beyond.  Obsessed.


Here’s the Beauty Queen herself, Christy Coleman explaining just how to use these gems.

Introducing Our New Color Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2015 from Beautycounter on Vimeo.


And now here we are 2 years later with more springy pink goodness – the freaking plumping collection!


WAIT . . .maybe WE are the three best friends . . .?!

Speaking of BFFs – here’s a text convo from one of mine last night after trying the plumping spa set.


she’s wicked smahhht and a tough customer. Just sayin’.

(also, for the record, our text convos are usually way more hilare.)

Final thoughts on spring beauty  . . .949e5b1b661e833cd6c06da42f845ec0

now get out there and treat yo’ self to some new goods. chances are your makeup bag is due for some spring cleaning.

Here’s a guide in case you are wonderingScreen Shot 2017-03-22 at 2.18.09 PM

and here’s to successful spring cosmetic cleaning/not looking like a pale freak show!  You’re welcome.



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