The Irish Exit

How could Irish Week be complete without mentioning the Irish Exit? I am personally the queen of this totally sly move.  I have been using the Irish Exit since our days at Joe De’s and McGuire’s, before cellphones (YES, there was a time before cellphones, and I might like to argue we had even more fun back then.)  And, yes, this is the type of classy place we hung out at in college.  Oh, just you wait for more on this on Friday!

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Back to the topic at hand.  Not sure what an Irish Exit is?  Buzzfeed describes it well here. I haven’t confirmed with Loomis, but I’m pretty sure she agrees with me on #7:

7. And getting away with doing things the easy way is one of the greatest joys in life one can experience.


This visual from GQ is pretty handy in deciding if the Irish Exit is for you.

how-to-irish-goodbye.jpgFrequently, the Irish Exit is used when one has had too much to drink and can’t deal…not that Loomis and I would know a thing about that.


Those who know me, know it will happen, and as I just learned from this fab article from Slate, this is the “Northern Irish goodbye.”

I have a friend who favors the “Northern Irish goodbye.” You announce your intention to ghost long in advance, as a warning, so there will be no collateral damage.

My people may be from Cork, but I can still get down with that.

There’s even a pub in Turtle Bay named after this phenomenon.


So, give it a whirl the next time you can’t deal…and remember…


On that note, I’ll be back on Friday with some St. Patrick’s Day Flashbacks!


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