Top Ten Tuesday – The Reasons we love Green

This week we celebrate green in it’s all its glory. Here are ten reasons we love green.  Starting with our little Leprechaun, Long, herself.

1. Green is the color of the fabulous Tory Burch Lettuce Ware Collection

If you don’t know the story, here’s the scoop:

Here’s Tory, just because, she’s Tory.


Just when I thought the universe couldn’t align anymore, turns out Loomis has the TB Lettuce Ware candle (#twinning)


2.  Many of my fave healthy foods are green.


Avocado (Especially when it’s fresh)

A delicious green smoothie.


As my kids like to say, the official favorite food of women over 40:  Brussels sprouts!


Case in point: FullSizeRender-9.jpg

And, OK, maybe it isn’t totally healthy, but gotta give a nod to my favorite green cocktail:  a jalapeno margaritaFullSizeRender-10.jpg

3.  Oscar the Grouch. 738562

Oscar was doing cranky before Grumpy Cat was even a thing.

Plus, what mom doesn’t feel like this every once in a while? #RepresentOscar


I have also heard rumors that Oscar is made of the Mary Jane, but this I cannot confirm or deny.


4.  Anne of Green Gables


Omigosh!  That is the exact book set that I had when I was a girl!  I devoured the series in no time (Loomis likes to call me the speed reader).  How could I resist the tales of this plucky young orphan with the SAME name as me!?

I also recently discovered that you can visit Prince Edward Island and do an Anne of Green Gables trip  I may just have to re-route the 45th birthday plans!  (Kidding, Loomis.  You too Kerry.  Wait…Kerry would probably really do this one with me?)

5. Green is the color of tree huggers everywhere.


Rejoice and unite in living green and clean, my people!



Wasn’t I kind to allow Annie to list all those fabulous green and healthy foods?  I’m good like that.  In exchange I took  . . . .

6. Kermit the frog.


Because he reminds me of my sister, Genine. She loved the Kerm long before all the hilare memes, of which there are many.


Long, this type of genius takes time!

Anyways, I think Genine identified with this kind soul who made the best of being green.

Other reasons I love green –

7. It looks good on the red carpet.

damn good.

This Gucci dress owns my heart and possibly soul. #lupitastrikesagain

Even Bey wanted in on that action.


Notice she accessorized with a little pink (and Blue 😉 ) – which brings me to . . .

Reason #8. Green looks fantastic with pink.  Beyond the classic color combo Lilly has been beating us over the head with for decades . . .

oops I almost forgot we had a pink and green wedding! (I swear before a zillion other people did)


There are countless times this dynamic duo has worked in a less total prepster way.

Which is how I came to get away with a hot pink door 127 weeks ago. (our house is an odd mossy green color)


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.13.08 PM

#9. Emeralds.  I got absolutely nothin’ against emeralds.

Read about the return of the emerald engagement ring via Town & Country.


Also loved reading the history behind Jackie O’s ring.

10. Since we started this riveting countdown with dishware let’s bring it back with Jadeite.

Move other, Martha. (her collection is famous)

I’ve got a few pieces of my own that I started accumulating during my party planning dayzzz.  Specifically this Valentine shoot for Ruffled.  Although they have made appearances elsewhere.


I need to sign off with just a little more Kermit.  And Blondie.  Because what on earth could be better than that.

have a wonderful day, fellow dreamers.



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