Top 1o Tuesday

Those of you who know me from way back (and I mean the 90’s waaaaaaay back), know that I love a good top 10 list.


[Sorry Mo and Jenni!  Hi Mountain!]

Well, apparently so does Loomis, which is just another reason that we are star crossed lovers/meant to be blog partners.  You can find proof about the Top 10 love for Ms. L  here (She could also possibly be the only person who cares about the Met Ball as much as I do) and here (bow down to Mr. De La Renta, please).

To kick off our first Top 10 Tuesday, here is our Top 10 list of what we are reading/watching/listening to/chuckling at when looking at our phones.


  1. I literally devoured this former Lucky Magazine Beauty editor’s memoir, “How to Murder Your Life.” I swear it was not just because it made me feel oh-so-much better about my not always so together life.1murderlifemain

2.  I am looking forward to Sunday nights  now that “Billions” is back.


Full disclosure that the showrunner and two of the stars went to F.A. with me (go Quakers!)

Fun fact:  you may recognize my longtime friend Stephen Kunken as he also plays Harry, the literary agent from The Affair (he’s the one that hooks Noah and Alison up with the writer’s retreat house).

Also, much of the show is shot here on beautiful Strong Island.  Westport is actually Roslyn.  Go figure!  Loomis does not exactly agree with me on this one, but vive la différence (and I can always use my Pure Barre muscles to force her into agreeing with me.)

3.  I’m not proud to say it, but I did see 50 Shades Darker 🙈.


Even more shocking, I didn’t think it was bad!  Maybe I just have really low standards when it comes to movies.  Or it could just be this…


And he’s from Northern Ireland?  I mean, come on!

4.  I can’t get enough of listening to the Ginger Jesus’s new album


My two current favorite jams are  “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You.”
Here’s Ed playing “Shape of You” at the Grammy’s, just in case you missed it.
True fact, I have seen Ed Sheeran perform live not once, but twice.  Well, maybe one and a half times?


The first time we met was when he played with Tay Tay as part of her Red Tour.
Then, I saw him at Madison Square Garden when he was a but a young whippersnapper out on his first tour.

Loomis may be horrified, or perhaps hopeful, as Eddie boy currently has both a beard and tattoos.

5. My favorite IG account for quite some time is so-much-more-than-wife-of- Jerry Jessica Seinfeld’s @jessseinfeld.


If you are into pets, fashion, food, and funnies, then this is a place for you.  She is someone who keeps it pretty darn real, despite her rather fabulous celebrity life.

Now, I’m tossing the baton to Loomis.

6. None of the above.

Just kidding, Long.  I can kinda see you on #2, it’s entertaining and I’m forever a Pig Vomit fan.  No comment on Tay. Don’t mind the ginge.  And I obvs can’t get over Jessica’s cats.  Meow.

I feel like I’m not really in a position to throw stones, as I’m catching up on Season 5 of Nashville as I type.


How many was that?

7.  Speaking of the best worst show ever, Nash, my must have insta

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 1.28.25 PM.png

TheOliverHudson for my dose of hilarious hotness.  You’e welcome.

8. I’m a busy bee with some minor home improvements.  It happens with the change of seasons, there’s about 17 seasons in a year, right?  #horsefaceisPISSED

 Currently scouring wallpaper books likes it’s my JOB.  Eyeing some beauties from Designer’s Guild.  Stay tuned.


9. Always coveting Moda Operandi but currently more than ever due to a certain bitch in the their Spring ad campaign.


 #petuniacrawford is ready for her close-up.

10. If you don’t subscribe to  Lenny Letter, you are missing out.  I admit Lena can be a bit “extreme” but there is some excellent content here.  EXCELLENT.

My personal fave is this article by Amanda Pete.


Amen, sister.

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