Frenchie Friday : Civil Society

Oh hello handsome tattooed men that love french bulldogs

You may have guessed by one of my frequent hashtags, #craftbeercrawfords, that horseface is craft-beer obsessed and consequently one of the founders of Bent Water Brewery. (Shameless plug. Shocking, I know)


He is truly happiest whilst drinking delicious craft beers.

Our recent jaunt to Florida included visiting two local tap rooms.  SO romantic.  The first one, J. Wakefield, had Boogie Nights playing on the big screen.  Well- played.


The second had my heart at first glance of the logo . . .


and I audibly gasped when I saw the restroom signs.

Can you even stand it?!


I clearly could not.




I’m not exactly an expert (yet) but if you hang with CBC long enough, you pick up a thing or two about delicious beer.  Civil Society was all yummy in my beer tummy.


The other thing I am a complete sucker for is branding – and besides the amazing frenchie logo – these guys do an incredible job with their can labels, puntastic names, and general punchy aesthetic.


If I didn’t know any better I would think Mike Shaughnessy was moonlighting for them.  (Mike is the creative mastermind behind the brilliant Bent Water branding)


(oops, another shameless plug.)

back to my frenchie-loving friends in Jupiter, Florida . . .





We were literally treated like family. 3 cheers for the craft beer industry who welcomes & supports one another- it is so refreshing &  inspiring to see firsthand. (Special shout out to Kaleb!)

Anyone in the area I highly encourage a stop at Civil Society Brewing Company. Bring your furry friends and your uber app.

And to my frenchie-obsessed friends who can’t physically get there –  you can buy merch online at the hop shop.  You’re welcome.


Drink Civilized, y’all.


Oh, and it’s George approved!  Petunia is pretty pissed we went without her.


Guess I’ll bring the bitch next time.  Road trip!



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