The Pink Carpet

Long & I can’t seem to figure out why/how so many looks go awry on the red carpet.  As we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of red carpet award season AND Valentine’s Day week – we have concluded, without hesitation, that we will both choose to wear pink on the red carpet.  (You know, when “they” call.)

It’s such a no-brainer.  I’m not saying some people who wore pink over the years haven’t gotten it wrong {ahem, RiRi}, but so many have gotten is so right.

Swoon. Pink is just so . . . pretty!

And if you don’t agree you might not want to check this blog this week (or ever) because we love it and plan on showing you LOTS of it in honor of hearts day.

Speaking of which . . . uma

I would seriously wear this number around the house if I could.  (#horsefacewouldprobsnotnotice)

Now we just need Long to show the pics of her highschool prom dress.


Pretty please Andy, Annie.

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