A love letter to the Sunshine State

I love Florida.  There, I said it.  I know many of you think of it as the land of the oldies, which may be true.


(I love them, too, BTW)

But, to me, Florida also promises things like unlimited sunshine (if only in my mind)


Monogrammed Jack Rogers sandals

Viva Violeta  Photography at Jackrogers

Lilly Pulitzer


Coconut patties


Sunburns (this was before I knew about the merits of using sun protection!)


No state income tax.


Beautiful beaches and so much more…

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My fond memories of Florida started when I was in grade school.  My grandparents were snowbirds.  I used to fly down to Boynton Beach over school breaks to stay with them.  Talk about a win/win!  My parents got rid of me, I got to go somewhere warm for the vacation, and my grandparents got to spent time with MOI (lucky devils).  Many of my friends did the same thing, so we would connect when we were down there with the grandparents.

Fla. ’88 in all its glory (sorry Jenn, Kath, Sam and Janeen!)


P.S.  I also flew down ALONE…nothing I would ever let my kids do post 9/11.

As a college senior, we went where else but the Florida keys for Spring Break.  Those pictures have been banned from the Internet (I do have high school daughters…and my parents read our blog).  Suffice to say a fair amount of fun was had…and Key West will never quite be the same.


One of my favorite college besties also now lives in Florida.  She even stayed with me at the grandparents’ condo.

We are much cuter now….


And, my love for Florida all comes full-circle, when Beautycounter takes our show on the road all over the sunshine state this week.


Our Palm Beach and Miami events are already filled to capacity, but Loomis and I would love to have you as our guest in St. Petersburg


…or Jacksonville.


Join us for a cocktail and see what this movement for clean beauty is all about (and it’s not just the lipstick).


I will be heading to Jacksonville on Friday to share our social mission/business opportunity and to help train area consultants.  When you truly love your job (and I can speak for Loomis here, too) and sharing that passion with others is so much fun and totally rewarding.  Here’s some pix from the last time we did this in Palm Beach…


and Miami.


This portion of the night was a long story (I swear, I didn’t do it)!


I heart Florida.  Come join us.  I promise it will be fun.


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