Long’s Rules for Disney

It can be a magical family vacation.  Just follow me, and abide by my simple rules for a trip to Disney.

  1.  Bring as many adults as possible.  You think I’m kidding?  We had a 1:1 ratio of adults to kids, and Boy Wonder still almost drowned.  And I love him the most!
  2. Leave the Lilly dresses and navy blue blazers at home.  Dressing up for dinner at Disney, even at a “fancy” restaurant means a putting on a sweatshirt.  I had my kids attired every night for dinner like they were in a Best & Co. catalog, and it was totally not needed.
  3. You will never, ever figure out the meal plan.  Don’t even try.  Not one of the college educated, multi-lingual adults (even the one with the law degree) could make heads or tails of it.
  4. There is no booze at the Magic Kingdom.  Plan accordingly.61185b8e81cad9fe185abfbea55a7ec4.jpg
  5. Nominate one person (and one person only) to be in charge of the Fast Passes.  It should be the most logical person in the group.  It should also be someone who will not melt down in heat and will not lose their stuff if/when they get hangry.  Read: Neither me.  Nor Loomis.  Though we are adorable.  We are not the people you want in charge of ye olde Fast Pass.loomisandlongphoto
  6. Skip the designer bag. I was all cute on our first day with my trusty Tory Burch tote.  About an hour into the day, I was experiencing massive back and shoulder pain .  You betcha the next day I traded that bad boy in for a backpack (both straps up) and never looked back.


  7. It’s not always pretty upon arrival. Consider this.  You have an early call for the airport.  You are entertaining everyone on the flight, then dealing with the stroller at gate check.  You are finding the luggage, taking kids to pee, and then riding on the Magical Express to your hotel destination.  By the time you actually arrive at the Magic Kingdom, even Mother Theresa would be d-o-n-e.  If there was a divorce attorney in the hotel lobby upon arrival, he or she would be a very rich person.  Personally, I think they should pass champagne.
  8. On the upside, you ARE the most beautiful, most in-shape woman at Disney.  It’s good for the ego to be around people who ride around on Jazzy scooters eating turkey legs.  Even when you are wearing a t-shirt, shorts, socks/sneakers and a the aforementioned backpack, you are Miss Disney World 2017.  You are!10401251_1105190023444_2553902_n

All kidding aside, I have been to Disney with my kids more times than I ever thought I would.  I was supposed to be a one and done.  (please note Boy Wonder’s face below)


Yes, you could spend the same amount on a trip and stay at any Ritz-Carlton.  {An aside, but there really are no better words in the English language than “Welcome to the Ritz-Carlton”}

But, I have had some insane amounts of fun with my kids at the Magic Kingdom and beyond.  Oh, wait, that’s me and my bestie cousin.  We had some fun, too!

The thing is, when you go with teenagers, it’s actually totally a blast.  You don’t have to worry about them getting lost, kidnapped or melting down (well…hmmmm).  You can even send them to the park on their own.


My theory is if you are going to bite the bullet and go to Disney, you need to be a good sport about it.  Drink the Kool-Aid, let your hair down, and just have fun.  Now, I can’t wait to do it again with this kid.


His parents, wisely, have no interest in taking him, ever to Disney.  Those two will likely be heading to the aforementioned Ritz when I take him for his first spin in the Tea Cups.  That, my friends, is what Aunt Annie is for.

Have a magical day!

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