So Facebook was kind enough to remind me of some memories this morning.  One of which was an old old blog post from 5 years and 2 blogs ago (ADD) in which I showcased my Groundhog Day Resolutions.

(I’m a little behind the 8 ball on this particular Groundhog Day as I just devoured a sesame bagel with Temptee cream cheese after some wine-fueled fun last night.)  But I do like this concept of delayed resolutions.  I clearly missed the boat on them last month.  Did January even happen?  Yes, unfortunately it did.


So here goes nothin’

NUMERO UNO – It would be nice if I could work some exercise into my daily life.  I mean WHY can’t I manage to do this?!  Long – give some pointers!  Help a sister out. I mean, I think about exercising a lot . . .


and sometimes I buy exercise clothes  . . . like the New Balance line for J. Crew.


This may as well be me stretching before some sort of class . . .


and here I am running out the door to do some sort of healthy something . . .screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-8-27-18-am

(but forreals I did buy this pink jacket.  It’s adorbs and 25% off.)

okay, so that’s one GDR!  To begin (again) at the exercising. Very original, I know.

#2. Funny my old post lists the 1st GDR as potty training.  Well, thank gawwwwd that is over.

Enter Petunia.

 Life does tend to repeat itself, doesn’t it?  Let’s see if I can’t get this little bitch trained by the end of the month.


3. Christmas cards. You heard me.  I’m only half-way through sending them.  Whoopsy! My therapist said I should aim for an end of January deadline on these but well, that didn’t happen.  I’m going to have these done this month, instead.  Right?! Christmas cards/Valentines.  It’s as good as done. Will someone please follow up with me on this?  They are so stunning, if I do say so myself.


4. Speaking of follow up – I need to do this in business and in life.  I’m Queen of starting a game of phone tag with a friend and then dropping the ball.  Or buying greeting cards and never sending them – I’m BIG on this (ahem, see #3)  And I always have the best intentions of making my clients/team feel uber appreciated (because they are!) but perhaps don’t follow through with that in a timely manner either. Womp. Okay, I’m on this!  I want every one to know that I am . . .


and I’m going to prove it, dammit!

5. Speaking of worky – another GDR is to spread the Beautycounter mission to as many as possible. You came for the shameless plug, right?   But seriously folks – it truly has been among my greatest gifts in life. (corny, but true!) A little something we can control and improve our lives and the lives of others during uncertain times.

6. I really did think writing one line a day was possible.  So naive.  I’m going to give it another go, however. Who’s with me?



We recently spent an amazing evening at Raw Artworks in neighboring Lynn, MA.  We learned about what they do for their community and we participated in a little art therapy ourselves.  It was inspiring and lovely and it felt damn good to pick up the pastels again (roughly 32 years later.)



No mistakes just ART

Please please get involved with this phenomenal organization in any way possible.

My other commitment is to SPUR.  Named to SPUR good deeds.  And these “deeds” are pretty darn good. Honored to contribute to their cause.  Stay tuned on this!


7. And finally, and this might be the most important goal –  I need to stop using two spaces after every period. This is seriously an issue.  I am dating myself with every double space.  And. I. Can.  Not.  Stop.


Yikes, I really need to get my shit together!being-a-mess-is-exhausting-quote-1

Hopefully I can accomplish what I set out to do.  But at the end of the day, it’s one foot in front of the other while doing my very bestest to be a somewhat decent & kind human.  In theory, the rest (with a tad more motivation/organization/ADD meds) will fall into place.


What are your GDRs?


P.S.  I forgot getting the laundry “situation” under control and ordering Long her biz cards.  Doh!

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  1. Shelly

    OMG – the one line a day…was going to start it. Again. On Jan 1. It’s Feb 1 and I’ve got a big fat goose egg going for that rez.

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