V-Day Gift Guide for Your Bestie

She may not be your one true love, but she’s pretty darn close.  She brings your kids home from soccer for you when you are running late.  She loans you her hot J. Crew heels for your cousin’s wedding.  She’ll bring over her last bottle of Chardonnay when times get tough.  She could possibly be the closest thing that you have to a soulmate.  She’s your bestie.  And she deserves a little bit of V-Day love, too.

A BirchHouse candle…because only a hand-crafted, environmentally safe and beautiful soy candle will do for this gal (no toxic fragrance, please!)


A pair of Tassel Earrings…because they are just so darn cute.


Some new PJ’s…because her house is the only other one in town where you have spent the night.


Best friends stickers….because you are just that immature.  Perfect to apply on your cell phone cases, purses, bags and more.


This adorable water bottle…because she should stay hydrated in style.  Dishwasher safe, leak proof, BPA-free and phthalate-free to boot.


These socks…because you know she’s the one person who would.


This darling lipstick and blush duo…because she looks pretty in pink (and loved the movie, too.  Blaine!)


This heart-covered little card case…because you love that she’s such a girl boss.


and last but not least…give her a big hug and tell her how much you love her!

loomis-long-annie (1).png

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