February Break Guide

21 days here until February Break, but who is counting?

We are! We are!


If you want to be uber prepared for your upcoming warm weather getaway, here are some must-haves.

Quite possibly the perfect beach dress.  Might I mention it is only $68?


A new cover up, because, admit it, all of your ones from the summer are crumpled up in a ball somewhere in the bottom of a closet.  This one is sun protective clothing with 50+ UV protection.  I used to sell these cover-ups, and trust me, this style looks good on everyone!


I will be living in this necklace on our getaway…and all summer long.


Pair with a simple tank, tee and jeans.  Or the perfect beach dress (see above).

When I travel, I like to take my beach bag as my carry-on bag so this way I don’t have to squeeze a sweet straw bag or the like into my (already full) suitcase.  Soooo many good options.

Like this one


(with Schnauzer inside instead of cat, obvi)

or this cutie


or this one with beach written all over it (literally)


We take our sunscreen very seriously around here.  Take at least one tube (don’t forget to reapply!) and the large stick is my favorite for the face, chest and freckly cheeks.


I am not kidding that this is the best beach hat I have ever owned (and trust me, I have many).  It is UPF 50, one size fits all with an elastic inside that keeps the hat securely in place.   Plus, the back of the hat lies flat on your beach chair while you are lounging or reading (high class problems, I know)


Speaking of reading, don’t forget a good book.  These are some of the ones on my very long (pun intended) list.

Now, if only I could squeeze Loomis (and her big sunhat) into my suitcase!  Here are her minis demonstrating what said hats look like.


21 days!



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