Frenchie Friday : Tami Taylor

It still happens on Fridays . . . I wake up with a slight ache for the good ol’ days. . . a simpler time when Friday Night Lights aired in “real time.”  Especially today.



Yes, we used to sit through commercials and all.  It was worth it for the 47 minute dose of Riggins,




and obvs . . .

Friday Night Lights

Tami Taylor.

ahhhh, coach & tami forever.



(check out 21 Reasons Why Coach And Tami Taylor Ruined All Other Relationships For You)

For the last few years, I’ve had a plan to name my next french bulldog puppy, Tami Taylor.  I faced some resistance from Horseface but the girls were into it.  They even drew some family portraits including our future pup, Tami Taylor (aka TAMMY tailor).


Horseface was concerned he was going to look stupid at the park screaming ‘Tami Taylor’.  I mean, he’s going to look so much cooler yelling ‘Petunia’.

Anyways, when the time came to get Tami Taylor – she was brunette!  I obvs pictured her as a redhead or blonde like these little nuggets.  Can’t you see it?

So when this precious angel showed up instead . . .


the name change occurred. You can read about the full evolution of #petuniacrawford here.

Guess I could have thrown a wig on her!


Don’t worry, this post is going somewhere.

(I’ll even toss in another picture of Riggins at the end)

The “real” Tami Taylor, Connie Britton, is a huge Beautycounter fan.  She’s part of the reason I joined. I mean, obvs.  (read about that here)

And now you may know her as “Rayna James” on Nashville, another television masterpiece.

Okay, so last night on Nash, get this, Rayna was using my fave BC product of all time – the Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa.


oh yes, yes, she was.


I tell anyone who will listen that this is my fave product because before I knew better I used to slather my skin with nasty vats of lotion from like Costco {gasp!} because I had no idea they had terrible terrible toxins in them.  My largest organ!  Costco!  SMH.


Anyways, thank you Connie Britton for remaining a champion of our company, and thank you Tami always and forever for the life lessons, and thank you Rayna for the hair inspo.

All three of y’all are my heroes!

oh, and as promised.



you’re welcome.

(And for more of that check out my valentine to Timmy)

And I don’t know about you but I needed a little FNL today.

Huffpost cites 10 Times Tami Taylor Said Exactly What You Needed To Hear but Coach says it best right here:


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