V-Day Gift Guide for Teen/Tween Gals

Not too soon to be thinking about V-Day prezzies* for those of you with teen/tween sweeties in your life.  Here are some gift ideas that would make even these three tough customers’ hearts go pitter patter.


It’s not just the big girls who like jewelry.  Start a charm necklace and it’s an easy way to build on a gift year after year.


(I love a tradition gift. It makes shopping so easy).

Or even give a simple XOXO


This sweatshirt and cutie shorts set is ridiculously adorable.

Locals, it’s also available at Pure Barre Garden City, and if you want it, you better get in there and grab it before I do!


You can’t go wrong with a Scout toiletry bag.

IMG_1258.JPG-1 2.jpeg

Especially when you fill it with teen-friendly clean beauty goodies like lip gloss, charcoal mask and rosewater spray.

It’s never too soon to start thinking summer, and there is no such thing as too many beach towels.  Something tells me Loomis needs this (to be technical, they are pugs, not Frenchies.)


Hmmm…I know someone who might love this hat.


Oh yes, this is a gift guide for other people.  This darling cap also comes in Peace Love…Yoga, Skiing, your Camp Name, etc.

Last, but not least, for your little nail junkie or lip gloss maven, this gorgeous gift set with safe nail polish from Cote and Ruby lip gloss from Beautycounter is sure to be a winner!


**Please note in the spirit of health and wellness, I geared the guide towards things that were not candy or chocolates.  But, let’s be real, my girls do love a bit of this old fashioned goodness, too.



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