Closet #goals

Today’s word of the day is “simplify”!

verb (used with object), simplified, simplifying.


to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier:
to simplify a problem.

To anyone that knows me – the way I live my life is the opposite of simple.  I’m a legit not-so-hot-mess scrambling to find matching socks every morning  . . . and my glasses . . . and my keys . . . and sometimes my puppy – doh! (in my defense she’s a fast little bugger)

The chaos begins and ends every damn day in my closet and my belated new year’s rez is to fix just that.

Dear closet,


I need Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda to come over with champs and their “toss” and “take” signs.

But since that’s probs not going to happen I’m going to give this next tactic a go.rules

And after I accomplish that, I’m going to assign myself a “uniform”.  Your uniform might be different than mine (chances are).  Perhaps you need to dress appropriately for an office or you are an exercise junkie, either way, find it!  But before you buy more you need to determine what is not your uni and get rid of it!


I’m going to go all Mr. Rogers with this one – my leaving the house clothes vs. my lounge around the house clothes. (and obviously my red carpet clothes for when “the call” comes.)


Of course my leaving the house clothes are wayyyyyy more like the clothes Mr. Rogers changes into, but times have changed, and athleisure is in.


Won’t be you be my neighbor?  I digress . . .

back to my uniform.  Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we have to dress blah.  There’s enough gray in the sky and brown on the ground for moi – I am so smitten with this adorable “ski” jacket that will brighten anyone’s day on or off the slopes, all the while keeping you warm. (and btw, there are pants that match!  even the anti-skier appreciates this dynamic duo)

I live in my boyfriend jeans – so I will have 2 or 3 pair on hand in my newly organized closet.

I literally do not leave the house without a pompom hat.  (and yes, it is pink and I’m going to snag this one for back up from CK Bradley)

and a closet full of gingham button downs never hurt anyone.


Add a few Tippi turtleneck sweaters and you are all set.

Oh, and I worship these M Gemi fur-lined sneakers.  My fabulous stylist friend, Lindsey Foley, has been lecturing me about Uggs for years.  She finally sold me on these and I’m not going back.  (I have my trusty Sorels for the snow, obvs)

Uni #2 involves slippers (has everyone learned that we are NOT supposed to wear shoes around the house?  No bueno – read about it here)

Elasticized pants and a cozy sweatshirt, obvs.


As usual, goop provides some completely unrealistic closet goals here.

I admit, some are actually helpful, especially if you have a gwynnie-sized closet.

but the real-real closet expert remains always and forever, Ms. Carrie Bradshaw.

Is it possible to channel your inner-Carrie AND be practical?  time will tell . . .

Did she actually get her shiz together in the new closet?


hmmmm. . .

in the meantime I’m going to try to get horseface to re-enact this with me.

Happy simplifying!


wish me luck!


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