The Elusive Unicorn Mom

I recently heard the term “Unicorn Mom” via my fabulous friend Salima, who was celebrating her 40th birthday in what I know is now proper Unicorn Mom form. (Please don’t miss the drink holder.)


I had no idea that this was actually a thing.  Here’s the official full definition for you.FullSizeRender-5.jpg

There’s even  And a Unicorn Moms Facebook group.  I kid you not!

So why is this so elusive?   In my over 15 years at this mom gig, I have to say, it kinda is.


For me, it’s not that easy to find someone I want to let into my inner circle. To start, you can’t be a one-upper (plenty of those around).


You can’t be judgmental, because Lord knows it’s not so pretty over here all the time.


 Please don’t be competitive with me.  I’ve got enough of that in my life.


Or disloyal.  Remember, I’m half Sicilian.


If we can get over all of those hurdles, next you must be able to embrace your imperfections, and mine.


Sense of humor, is also not negotiable.


And, then, I’m sorry, but when you become a mom, I’m pretty sure that they don’t make you check your fun card at the door. We can live…a little.


I might actually argue that it’s good to blow off some steam now and then.  I personally salute anyone who has teenagers and doesn’t drink wine.


So, writing about all of this made me realize how I should consider myself, very, very lucky to found one of the best.


Despite the fact that I was a complete and utter bey-otch the first time we met (Sorry Miss!  Love ya!), this crazy girl still puts up withe me.


We’ve been through truly horrible, bad times together.  But, I have to say they make us appreciate the good ones even more.


We laugh our asses off on a regular basis about things that no one else in the world would find even a little bit funny.


And, yes, there may be alcohol involved from time to time.

So, I don’t say it enough, but thank you Miss for being there.  And proving to me that unicorns really do exist.


(Florida condo, 2030.  No smoking, though)



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