The return of Frenchie Friday

Because I am creepily obsessed with my dogs and french bulldogs in general, no matter what blog I have at the time (ADD) I always have a feature I like to call “Frenchie Friday“.  Currently, I am particularly smitten with Petunia because George is being a pain in the ass  so I post frequently on her instagram @petuniacrawford.

Every Friday I’ll share the most popular pic of the week!  I know you are just so excited you can barely stand it.  But here’s the issue at hand.  They pretty much all have the same amount of likes. screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-8-54-51-am So I guess I’ll share a few this week.  You lucky ducks!

Leading with meeting a new friend at the Vet, Meatball Cronin (also goes by Leroy)


Happy Frenchie Friday and Happy Long weekend!


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