The Best is Yet to Come . . .

Did everyone see Annie’s Desert Dreaming post this AM?

Way to rub it in, sister.

Annie!  WHY didn’t you find me back then?!  I was probably home locking myself in a closet away from my toddler twins at the time.  Lord, how I would welcomed Beautycounter into my life.  Total bullshit.  Anyways, I’ll get over it and you and I will make up for lost time fo’ sho.

Anyhoot, Palm Springs is an enchanted destination.  Obsessed.  Granted I was there at a vulnerable time in my life but I honestly feel like the desert has healing powers.

I could go super deep for this post but I am a little drained from going there the other night on my other blog, Valentine. (ADD – too many blogs!)  So I will attempt to keep this light – as that’s just how the desert made me feel . . . light.  At a very heavy time.

First of all, everyone needs to fly Virgin whenever possible.  I mean if you don’t you are just plain (pun intended) silly.


Case and point.

We, like Ms. Sullivan, also flew into LAX and drove.  I agree with her that the connecting flight into Palm Springs is your best bet.

Although the drive allowed us the obligatory first stop at In & Out Burger.

 The. Best.

It also gave me a chance to hear my BFF Lisa give her ridiculous Starbucks order in Chino (yep, that Chino. Where Ryan from the OC is from).


And that, my friends, was priceless.

“Quad Tall Americano w/ Ristretto, one inch of Steamed Milk and one sugar in the raw”

I have to admit the lady nailed it.

 We could have turned around and come home then.

But we didn’t. We continued on to The Sparrows Lodge.  And thank God we did. The most glorious place I’ve ever been. Literally. I want to go back like I want 10 more frenchie puppies. (that’s A lot)


You enter this insanity with a ginormous Annie Liobovitz book on display. sparrowslodge_loungeand then it just gets more bananas from there . . .sparrowslodge_poolsideroom51

sparrowslodge_barnart1Nerd Alert! Here’s Lisa and I posing for a mirror selfie in that exquisite antler mirror.  file8

That’s our BFF, Tim, in the background.  You may recognize him from playing “Todd” on MadMen.  And, yes, he recited his line from MadMen for us.

Oh, and here we are with a barefoot Minnie Driver.


Why am I dressed like a Goddamned pirate, you ask?   A question I will ask myself for the rest of my life.

WHY. AM. I. DRESSED. LIKE. A. PIRATE? and making that stupid face?


BTW, Minnie is beyond lovely and quite tall.  She was fluttering around the property like a precious butterfly with her charming accent and sheer grace all weekend.

I can’t even do this place justice.  See for yourself.

sparrowslodge_poolnightsparrowslodge_barninteriorsparrowslodge_barviewsparrowslodge_firepitsparrowslodge_firepitviewfile2sparrowslodge_gardenviewsparrowslodge_outsidebarnshotsparrowslodge_readingbarnThese are the owners’ dogs, btw.  We pet them for dayzzzz.  Sweetest pups to go with the most amazing dads!file1

SO much greatness.  I have to say the daily smudging won my heart forever.

(and the frozen grapes at the pool.  That was a nice touch)


And this was our quick jaunt to The Parker. Place is legit. I was also smitten with the “Brady Bunch” decor. It’s almost like if Mike Brady was a rock star instead of an architect. (Yes, I had to google what Mike Brady did for a living.)  Wayyyy different vibe than the Sparrows.  One I couldn’t live up to at that particular time in my life.  As Lisa said at lunch that day – “We don’t have our sparkle.”  Womp wahhhh.  We will be sure to bring it next time!


Don’t worry a trip to a graveyard made us feel better.

Sinatra’s headstone reads . . . “THE BEST IS YET COME”


Oh, we also squeezed in Coachella.  Long story.  One I only tell on a need to know basis.



One that obviously involves Kyle & Mauricio . . .


 and my love, Alex Ebert.

Hi Alex.

And an NWA reunion.  NBD.  (see what I did there?)

The moral of the story is the desert is nothing short of pure magic.

And the Sparrows was a true oasis in every sense of the word.


And I am forever indebted to Lisa for this journey.  The best ever Thelma to my Louise.

(and her husband who allowed me to go in his place- who even does that?! He does. Saint.)

Damn, I want to go back.  Guess I’ll settle for the Desert Sunrise Collection in the meantime.

And the beat goes on.


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