Desert Dreaming

The desert has been on my mind.  We finally got killed with snow here in New York last weekend.  When that horrible stuff happens, I like to think about warm sunny places instead.  Plus, over at my day job, we also launched a new desert-inspired cosmetics collection which is pretty fab.

You can get yourself some of this desert gorgeousness here (shameless plug alert)

I started thinking about Palm Springs in particular.  The first time I went to Palm Springs was in the ’80’s with my family.  We tagged along with my dad for a business trip.  I don’t remember much, but that it was warm, they had great Mexican food and I got my prom dress there.  In all its 80’s glory.  If I can find a photo, I will post on Instagram (another shameless plug alert.  Follow us on IG at @loomisandlong)

My next trip to Palm Springs was with Beautycounter.  Packing for this trip was no small feat.


We flew into L.A and drove to PS. Next time I would recommend changing planes (even though I hate it) and flying directly into PS. It was a long drive, with lots of traffic.  But, as usual, my Beautycounter partner-in-crime and I didn’t stop talking the entire way (and definitely bugged the sh#$ out of all the fellow weary travelers in the car with us!)


(So adorable, but we don’t shut up!)

When we pulled up to the Parker Palm Springs, I knew I was smitten.


If their signature front door wasn’t enough, all I had to see was this sign in the hotel lobby and I was done.


The entire hotel has a 60’s inspired groove, with lots of whimsy.  It’s sort of like if Trina Turk and Kate Spade collaborated on the design, with a dash of Brady Bunch for good measure.  (Decor diva Loomis could articulate this way better than I could)



There is plenty of beautiful outdoor space to lounge, dine and relax.




Even though it was a work trip, we did take advantage of the A+ weather and beautiful grounds to get some stuff done outside (my all time favorite question “can we have class outside?”)


Fun fact!  While we were there, I had my make-up done by the one and only Christy Coleman and team for a mini-photo shoot.



Our room was full of edgy rock n’roll touches.


It was also huge — absolutely bigger than my first apartment in Manhattan (which isn’t saying much.  Long live The Colorado!)  Here’s another hotel room, just for perspective.  Our bathroom was a similar size/set up.


The rooms are spread out in various different buildings on the grounds.  I must admit, buy the end of the day, in the dark, we had some trouble finding our way back to our room.  But, that may have been due to too much of this.


…. or this.


(Yes, that’s our head of sales doing karaoke, which has now become a Beautycounter tradition)

Palm Springs in general is full of plenty of this


So if you need a break from this


I highly recommend a trip to the desert!



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