L&L’s Golden Globes Fail

L&L had big plans for the Golden Globes.  We were all set to co-host a livestream event where we commented in realtime on red carpet looks and the actual boozefest awards show.  However, the Norovirus, a new puppy and a snowstorm kinda got in the way of all of that actually coming to fruition. We remain optimistic, however, that we can get it together for the Oscars.  Mark your calendars for Feburary 26th.  We hope you can join us…just as much as we hope we can get it together!

But, don’t think this will deprive you from getting a little of the L&L commentary. In-between feeding our families, dealing with the (sucky) Giants game (Long), and bathing our children (Loomis), we were able to get a text exchange going on (priorities).  Here’s how it went down.

Who else caught Kristin from the OC on E!?


Oh, yes she was.


I mean, come on!  Stuff like this kills me.  Maybe we wouldn’t look like that, but we would be 100x more entertaining.  #HireL&LpleaseE!

Then came Natalie…unnamed.jpg

There she is…in all her Prada goodness.


All I wanted to do was see my main man Liev in a tux, but it seems that wasn’t in the cards. Next came Mandy.


I’m obsessed with This is Us. Loomis doesn’t get the hype.  Neither of us loved the ensemble.


What happened with Drew?


Hmmmmm….you decide.


Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips may not have nailed it in the outfit department, but we love that they are such good gal pals.



I mean guys, they are really BFF.  Check this out from Busy’s IG.

Then they started coming fast and furious.


Abs goals. For real. I mean look at that.


Winona looked a little bit too ’80’s prom in her dress, but how is that she is not aging!? It must be the Countertime. (shameless plug alert!)


Nicole was not our fave.


This was our mutual #1 for the evening.


And we also liked Wiig, looking very Mia Farrow in Reem Acra



And neither of us had love for Kerry Washington


If you aren’t following Tommy Lenk on IG, you should be. FullSizeRender-23.jpg

Being the senior citizen that I am, I hit the hay around 9:30 and left Loomis in charge. FullSizeRender-24.jpg

Then, in typical L&L, slightly ADD fashion, it was onto the next adventure in the morning. Time to work on getting tickets for what should be the best concert of 2017 with our fellow Beautycounter co-worker Bono.  Who is joining us in Boston?  It’s going to be epic!FullSizeRender-25.jpg


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