Oh, Deer . . .Valley

Flashback Friday to when Fridays were my fave day of the week. *sigh*

Now Fridays mean trekking to our luxurious ski house in. . . New Hampshire.*sigh*


Yes, I am an extremely poor sport about this entire winter hobby.  I try and look at the positives and be grateful for the opportunity not cry the entire way up but I just don’t have it in me.  Skiing makes me feel defeated in every sense of the word.  Especially last year when I fell off the chairlift {WHY isn’t everyone terrified of these, btw?!} in front of my 7 year olds who manage to maneuver it just fine.  And then promptly started crying.  By the sounds of this blog, I cry a lot, right?  I swear I don’t really.  Just when I fall or can’t get a puppy.

The spoiled brat in me shines bright like a black diamond on these trips.  And I just want to transport myself back to a ski vacay I could get behind.

Deer Valley  . . .

For use by Premier Resorts for calendar year 2009.  1 year usage.

and specifically the Talisker Club.

 Heated chair lifts?



Gorgeous surroundings inside and out?





Yummy food & drink?



Fresh powder skiing that even I can manage?


forreals. Check!

Amazing town {Park City} with great restaurants within minutes?



Famous peeps?



St. Regis spa that you can ski in/out {or take a car – obvious preferred method of transportation}


We stayed here which had access to all of the above.  Highly recommend!

For all the other best places to stay – check out the New York Times 36 hours article.

Back to my current situation at hand.  The ski house . . . in . . . New Hampshire.  I need to go pack.  *sigh*

I’m going to try a new technique this season.  I’m going to dress all Talisker Club at Mt. Sunapee.  Yep, I am.  Watch me. Watch me.

I’ll report back on how that goes.


perhaps this?

All joking aside check this genius company out.


Kind of obsessed with the idea of a ski pant that is actually flattering.  I mean, who knew that was a real thing?

I also have something we refer to as the divorce coat around here that I might bust out.  (Long story)

Happy Friday!

Stay safe out there, put your positive {ski} pants on and always dress the part – no matter what your destination.


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