Petunia Crawford

As you may know, I’ve been on pupaternity leave.  But I simply could not wait to share Petunia’s story with you all and what it has taught me about #goals and how the wacky universe continues to work.  What better day than her 2 week anni of becoming a Crawford.

I told the story about the loss of our precious Looloo a few months ago here.  (Go ahead, watch the slideshow again if you need a good cry.) I didn’t know if we would get another dog any time soonafter – I wanted to see how King George faired after having a companion of over a decade to becoming an only.  Turned out he did just fine.  The old bastard secured a spot in our bed {#horsefaceispissed} and of course loved having all of our constant attention.  #sohandsomesonaughty

But being the psycho I am, I reached out to several breeders anyway because I know I could not/would not survive one day with zero dogs in this house.  My heart broke at the mere thought of it so I wanted to have something in place if George goes before he turns a hundred. {he totes won’t}



Yep, coocoo.

According to Forbes, the breed popularity has gone up 245 % in the last ten years, so I knew I would have to do my research to make sure I found a responsible and ethical breeder.  (Here is a bit how I was introduced to the breed almost 20 years ago) I reached out to MANY, oh so many, and I began a dialogue with one in particular about how it may be years before we were ready for our next furry family member but wanted to be in the queue when the time was right.  Flash forward two months until a certain election.  (that one when I cried for a solid 24 hours and didn’t leave my bedroom)  This is when I really committed myself to getting a  puppy.

 Because puppies fix everything.

I had laser focus on reaching out to friends with healthy frenchies and breeders across the nation.  I was doing my research, putting in the work, budgeting for what I wanted.  Making a plan.  Working towards my goal.


Enter Horseface:  He shut that shiz DOWWWWWN.  Now he’s a reasonable man and raised some extremely valid points. Which resulted in a tantrum.  The floodgates opened.  I cried again . . . for hours.  Again, this was not ‘all about a puppy’.  It was about so much more.  It was about the pain and heartache of losing so much in 2016, and also about being told ‘no’.  I didn’t like it one bit.  But eventually the tears stopped flowing and I moved on . . . to Plan B.  We agreed to get a puppy this Spring, a better time to train the puppy and prepare financially and emotionally. {Horseface went along with this because it was ALL our girls wanted for Christmas and probably to stop me from crying}

option B.jpg

I was in discussions with a breeder that had a pregnant bitch {I just love using that term} and on Christmas morning when there was no actual puppy – I would just explain to the girls about our Plan B. This of course had it’s risks and as the holiday season approached I became increasingly nervous about a very disappointing Christmas for my lil believers.  So like any other sane person, I decided to drive them a few days before Christmas to actually meet the bitch and explain that she was pregnant with our future puppy.  {sidebar the breeder also runs a funeral home in Worcester, Mass so I was actually going to drive 2 hours each way 6 days before Christmas . . . to a funeral home . . .  in Worcester, Mass.  Yes, I really was!}  THEN . . . I got an e-mail from Blake of La Bete French Bulldogs.  First off, this is how I left things with Blake on November 12th when he told me his litter only had two females and at least one was spoken for.


and no further contact until  . . .



But I obvs responded to Blake telling him about my funeral home friends because I’m loyal like that.


Speaking of which – I had just sent a message to confirm said visit and BOOM!  THIS happened.  Look at the time stamps on these!


womp.  Poor Stella. Not knocked up! I know the feeling, girl. {story for another day}

Then I obvs wrote Blake back (with heart palpitations) and wanted to know all about  our possible puppy.  He sent pics and wrote me back this.


I died.  Blake had my number. The fate card works on me every time.  (Not to mention that if these e-mails transpired days or even hours apart, none of this would be happening!)

This face and cute little bod helped seal the deal.

Before Horseface knew what hit him, I would be driving to Attleboro, MA the next morning.  I would know when I saw her I told myself – and boy did I know.

I was bringing the bitch home!

(sidebar her name was Tami Taylor until 12 hours before pickup, then she became Jolene, then upon meeting her I thought she was a Petunia – and the breeder’s partner told me he had been calling her that!  I know, I know it’s all too much}

So now here we are 5 days before Christmas with the girls’ biggest gift of all time.  Luckily, since I had thought we wouldn’t have one, I had already had everyone from our pediatrician to the mailman prepping them that Santa simply did not deliver puppies – they would get smushed in the toy bag- OBVS!

So he would have to have sent her a bit early.  Via that Goddamned Elf – finally good for something!  See for yourself how it all went down.

And there you have it.  Petunia. Our perfect little present.


She saved the magic of Christmas for two little girls and gave them a joyful surprise we will all remember forever.  She saved me from bearing too much pain on our first Christmas without LooLoo and Genine.  She is already keeping George young.  (He refused to acknowledge her for the the first ten days and now they are best buds}

Here we are 2 weeks later cuddled on the chaise and I cannot remember life without her.  See more of #petuniacrawford on my insta @sarahloomiscrawford or her insta (she obvs needed her own) @petuniacrawford and if it doesn’t piss Rosie off too much – she will be making appearances on @loomisandlong.

To you she may seem like just a puppy, but to me she is so much more.  She is a symbol that with determination and faith and trust that things will work out the way they are meant to be, glorious things will happen.

What’s going to be your Petunia for 2017?

Go get her/it/him/them!


go for your #goals – you just might end up with something better than you possibly imagined.  I cannot wait to tackle the rest of mine (don’t worry – none of them have 4 legs)



Happy happy new year.


(and Petunia! . . . & George)


  1. Kellam

    I love this! And I love your blog. You both have the best “voices”. I feel like I know you so well and that you are my friends.

  2. Jenn Reichenbacher

    Sarah, obvs I was going to love this, but I really LOVE it. What a great story and it is truly fate! Cheers lady!

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