Bah, Humbug

I am a fitness freak, but gotta tell you, not a fan of January.  All the gyms equipment is being hogged, the classes are PACKED, and there isn’t a spot available in the parking lot.  Who is to blame?  All of those damn new year’s resolution people and their good intentions.  These peeps will come to class once or twice, and then never be seen again.  Grrrrr.


Last year I had a traumatic incident at barre class where one of the newbies had the nerve to take my usual place at the bar. It was clearly marked off with a towel and my Beautycounter water bottle. Um, hello?!


I would like to propose a system where if you come regularly enough to whatever you are doing (Soul, Yoga, Orange, Barre, CrossFit), you earn some sort of VIP status. This VIP status includes:

  1. A roped off parking spot near the entrance.  Yes, the irony of not wanting to walk far to work out is not lost on me.


2.  A guaranteed spot in the class of your choice, with no need to speed dial like a freak.


3.  A class that’s not totally packed.  Hats off to the gyms who have a class size limit!


4.  A reserved piece of equipment just for you.  No waiting.  No fighting.  No drama.


It is a also great time of year to laud the merits of the at home workout.  All of you Beachbody babes may just be onto something.  No traffic, no parking, no crowds and class begins when you say so.


The winter runners don’t have this issue, either.  It’s never crowded on the roads, although they may be snowy and icy.


Too bad I hate the cold so much that it’s a deal breaker. But, I will be giving running the college try again on Friday (are you ready, Nancy?)

So here is my parting thought to all you January bandwagon peeps.  Will I still see you in March?



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