Birthday Queen

Oh my darling, birthday girl, we couldn’t let the day go by without a tribute to everything Annie!

I have so many wishes for you, Ms. Long.

Since I know you aren’t soaking up the sun in Cali or Mexico {womp. Next year!}

I’m just going to imagine your day is going a little bit like this . . .

coffee with Kyle  . . . kylelunch with Liev . . .lievDinner with Dermot?screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-2-20-05-pm

And of course lots of QT with your mini rays of sunshine.


yes, indeedy, they sure did get it from their mama!

And well there needs to be a hefty chunk of time dedicated to this bitch.


And maybe some time to yourself to put that cute little nose of yours in a book or five?


and knowing how much you love your job (ahem, #bestjobever) you are probably squeezing in a bit of “work” {aka photobombing}


I hope to God you are throwing fitness and nutrition out the window today but I wouldn’t put it past you.

Whatever your birthday plans are, everyone at the firm hopes it brings you a fraction of the smiles you bring to others.  And I, for one, cannot WAIT to see what the next year brings for YOU. {I’ll be holding onto your coattails for dear life ;)}


Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Long!


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