What Long is reading/eating/watching over Christmas break.

FullSizeRender-1.jpgIsn’t that the truth?

One of my favorite things about this week (besides, of course, my birthday) is being able to get off the merry-go-round and just chill.  Relaxation for me includes not driving any carpools, and instead lolling around and enjoying books, the movies and catching up on TV.

Here’s what I’ve hit so far.


Finished The Wonder by Emma Donoghue.


I didn’t love it as much as Room, but that was tough to top.

Currently reading…

Pivot by Jenny Blake.


Watch out 2017, here I come!

Swing Time by Zadie Smith.


So far living up to the hype.

Goop Clean Beauty.  About half way done.


As a GOOP disciple, it’s a lot of stuff I have heard before (and totally believe in).  If you are a newbie to clean beauty, this book is for you.  Yes, some of it is over the top — I’m probably not going to hand roll my own sushi when I can go around the block and get it.  But, I agree with GP that that true beauty starts from the inside out.  Plus, I’m psyched she’s getting on her soapbox about much needed regulation in the beauty industry.


More on that here, if you are interested.

It’s also making me feel gluttonous about what I’ve been eating over break, which is pretty much everything.


Office Christmas Party


I had low expectations for this one, besides spending two hours with my old boyfriend (in my 14-year-old mind) Jason Bateman.

I hate to overhype anything, especially when it comes to funny.  But, I thought it was hilarious in a totally lowbrow way.  There are lots of great one liners, and Jennifer Aniston was amazing as the straight guy.


I definitely shouldn’t have brought my 11 year old Ellie (it’s very rated R). Thankfully, I think most of it went over her head.


Added bonus, my Beautycounter friend Kelly’s son is in the movie!


Still on the list to see…



Manchester by the Sea (I may just go alone.  Reason 3,008 that I need to live closer to Loomis.)


Sing.  I usually hate kids’ movies, but who can resist that pig?



Catching up on RHW Beverly Hills.  How was I not aware that it is back on?   (and yes, I know, I’m slowly killing all of my remaining brain cells by watching this show.)


Dorit’s faux British accent literally kills me every time she chooses to use it.


FYI – she’s from Connecticut.

Speaking of accents, still loving Ladies of London.


The ladies are judging Marissa so hard for leaving baby Sadie in London, aren’t they? Baby boot camp is tough! If I had been lucky enough to have a trusty nanny who was like family, I might have hit it, too.

Of course, still watching The Affair


But, helloooooo Sarah Treem! We need more Pacey, (and less crazy Noah), s’il vous plait.


Whatever you are reading/eating/watching this week just enjoy being incredibly lazy, in all its end-of-December glory!




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