Never Ga-Boring

One of my maniac best friend’s motto is “Never be Boring!” and I believe ZsaZsa Gabor lived her 99 years doing just that (or should I say not doing that?)

I became smitten with the Gabor sisters at a young age.  I remember my mom telling me about Zsa Zsa while we admired Eva in a highly intellectual episode of Green Acres.   Eva was charming but Zsa Zsa was famous for playing herself.  Doesn’t get much better than that. (Everyone knows my fave RHOBH is Lisa Vanderpump.  The pink, the dogs, the pink, the pink dogs.  Lisa obviously took a page from ZsaZsa’s book)



ZsaZsa loved her pups, her diamonds, her nine marriages, called everybody ‘dah-ling’ and wore a lot of pink . . .  and dyed her poodles pink.  Sooooooo, she was pretty much my hero.



RIP Zsa Zsa.  You were never like the rest of them, dahling.

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