Cinco de Christmas

Loomis and I are both Christmas card obsessed.  Yes, I know everyone likes to receive a card.  It’s so great see the kids, my how they have grown, etc.  But over here at Loomis & Long, we take it to the next level.  We will prove this to you over next few days, as we review some of our highlights from Christmas cards past.  Obviously, we both archive our cards.  Doesn’t everyone?

We’re starting with a Mexican theme because, olé!

When Ellie, my baby, was in second grade, I was waiting anxiously for her communion date to start planning her fiesta.  That’s Ellie below.  Don’t be fooled into thinking she’s angelic.


See, I told you.  This is one of my all time favorite photos of her, though.


It turned out that her communion was on May 5th – CINCO de MAYO!!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a lover of all things Mexican: margaritas, salt, chips, guac (without actually having been to Mexico.  Read more on that here).  My mom might have been horrified by the idea of a Cinco de Mayo communion, but the train had already left the station in my mind.  See below for what was exactly on the train/in my mind.


I worked with an amazing designer/party planner/friend Brooke of B.distinctive Designs that helped me make the Mexican communion magic happen.  And my photog-friend Beth of bsquared photography was there to record all the fun memories.


 The weather cooperated, the margaritas were plentiful, and the communion girl had a blast.



The photo booth was also a hit for big girls…


and little girls alike.


My kids love to tell the story how I went a little bit very much bananas in Front Street Bakery because I did not want any old pink flowers on the cake, but special pink HIBISCUS.  See below.  Was I right?  I was right!


But this is about Christmas cards and not communions.  Where are you going with this, Long?  Well, Christmas card obsessed moi was thrilled to have her card photo done in May (natch!)  We usually do pictures in September/October, so that year I was way ahead of the game.  And might I say we nailed it.FullSizeRender-11.jpg


 Even Rosie got in on the glory.




P.S.  Huge shout out to Carla Spinola Quigg who saved me when I couldn’t find my copy of this card in the archives.  CSQ is the real pro.

Loomis : Learn something new about Long every day.  Did not know the chiquita had guac running through her veins like moi.  I have her beat as I actually have been to Mexico – read about it here.


AND I have a real live Mexican brother in law.  So there!  And he owns Authentic Mexican restaurants – bonus.  Thank God I don’t live closer or I’d be 1000 pounds.

I also had a mariachi band and margies at our wedding cocktail hour.   oh, and heart-shaped quesadillas.  Yum.


read more about that blessed event here.


Are we talking about Christmas cards, I forget?

yes, yes, we ARE!

The year said restaurant, Milagro, opened in Stonington Borough, I worked in a shameless plug on my Christmas card. #shamelessplugsaremyjam


Here ya go, ripped from the archives, the 2007 Crawford family Christmas card.


And yes, the dogs pretty much begged me to wear those sombreros.

Milagro is still amazing, and my non-Mexican brother, also has Mañana. #moreshamelessplugs


Also, Long, is this shirt appropriate for your next  Communion party?


Feliz Navidad everyone!

(I apologize as you will now have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day)


P.S. In all seriousness, introducing my family to the warm, vibrant Mexican culture was one of the greatest gifts my sister gave us. We love our extended Mexican family and are happy they will be with us this year as we enter uncharted territory – Christmas without Genine.  There will be tears and tequila shots and most of all gratitude that we have eachother, all because of her.

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