Let Freemans Ring

In one of those super strange coinky-dinks, Loomis and Long both ended up at Freemans in New York City over the last week. Remember, Loomis lives outside of Boston, so it’s not like we both ended up at our local Panera.

What’s so special about this place?  We both found it magical, and we think you might just too.

I was there last night celebrating a successful 2016 with my Beautycounter business partners, who have in turn become some of my best friends.  It was our own super fun, intimate office party.


I was immediately smitten with the location, as it really has no GPS address.  Located the end of an unused alley off the Bowery, it warms my heart to think there are places that are off the beaten path and still a little bit “secret.”


Freemans has a homey, cozy, hunting lodge kind of vibe (yes, there is taxidermy).


As our friends at The Infatuation so well said “The whole rustic looking, upstate feeling, flannel wearing, bourbon drinking vibe Freemans nailed is often imitated, but is never truly replicated.”


The night I was there it was crowded (always a good sign), with young attractive hipsters galore.  Freemans only takes a rezzie for a party of 6 or more (unless you’re Katherine Type and you can talk them into a table of 4).  I respect that they leave tables available for walk ins, and there is plenty of bar space to hang and wait for a table.


Speaking of the bar, they have an impressive drink list.  The winner at our table was the Freemans Cocktail.  Because any drink including fire is just kind of fun.

Freemans Photography by Daniel Krieger, 2015
Freemans Photography by Daniel Krieger, 2015

Recipe for all you cocktail-ers:

•    2 ¼ oz of Jim Beam Rye
•    ¾ oz fresh lemon juice
•    1 dash Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
•    ¼ oz of simple syrup
•    1 bar spoon of Alwadi pomegranate molasses
•    Flamed orange twist

In typical Long fashion, I had to sample the tequila cocktail. I’ve probably never met a tequila drink I didn’t like, but that said, the Duke City Slugger (cinnamon-infused reposado, chipotle mescal, lemon, maple, ginger) was lovely.


Onto the food. They say it is “early American: Simple, Rustic, and inspired by Old World traditions.” I say yummy, comfort-type food, made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.  I always love a restaurant that changes its menu with the seasons.  We started with a super delish cheese plate (is that redundant?), hot artichoke dip and the highly recommended Devils on Horseback.  Our entrees were equally delicious.

Freemans Photography by Daniel Krieger, 2015

I had a very original vegetarian dish:  Roasted Vegetable and Barley Pilaf.  There were yummy little toasted chickpeas inside.  (Yes, I know, Loomis.  This is the kind of thing only I get excited about).   In typical girl fashion, we split a Brownie Sundae and absolutely no regrets there.

Freemans Photography by Daniel Krieger, 2015
Freemans Photography by Daniel Krieger, 2015

Next time Loomis and I are going together.  Let’s hear about her adventures at Freemans.

Loomis: Chiming in for just a hot minute as I know Long is is not going to be able to provide commentary on my entree. I also devoured the artichoke dip and then indulged in – you guessed it, the filet with just the right amount of horseradish sauce. #sorrynotsorryLong Legit salivating just thinking about it. The forty-seven bottles of wine weren’t bad either.

SUCH a special spot. I give this dimly-lit mecca two thumbs up – way up. We were there to celebrate my bestie’s 40th.


We had a private room {in which there are many tucked away in this rambling refuge} by the back bar.


and five of my best friends and the luckiest husbands on the planet had a lovely evening. We almost sound like grown-ups, don’t we? We hadn’t all been together in literally years and I didn’t want the night to end.


But like all good things, it did come to an end, but not without apres drinks at a Russian nightclub around the corner. I digress . . .

Head to Freemans! It’s pure magic.


image via compass & twine

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