‘Tis the season for guests!

What made me think of having the ultimate guest room is that I’ve recently been battling the cold of all colds and have been relocated to ours.  During my extended stay, my tissues, cough drops, and I have been sizing up the joint and realize it could use a few more welcoming touches before any “real” guests pop in.

I defer to the Aestate’s lovely tips for the cozy guest room.




1. Fresh Flowers: Always. (Waiting on Martha}

2. Luggage Rack (One Kings Lane)

3. Waste Basket (Pottery Barn)

4. Scented Candle & Matches (Nordstrom & OKL)

5. Tissues: Not glamorous, but like the waste bin, they’ll be missed the moment they’re needed.

6. Alarm Clock or iPhone docking station. (Amazon}

7. Pen & Paper: Its nice when people assume you’re a creative genius with brilliant ideas that may strike at a moment’s notice. (Shopbop)

8. XL Robe: Not that you’re running a day spa, but if the guest bath is not attached to the room, it beats scurrying across the hallway in a towel.(Pottery Barn)

9. Good Reading Light (Target)

10. Magazines: I like to spread mine around the house so the Mr. doesn’t know exactly how many I’m hoarding anyway.

11. Pitcher & Glass (Williams Sonoma)

12. Snacks: yes, please.  Tray for said snacks.(Lulu & Georgia)

13. Wooden Hangers: Toss the plastic or (God forbid) wire hangers and splurge a little on the wooden ones, they’re $4/ 8 pack at Ikea.


I also love this idea of having the WiFi password at the ready!


printable via etsy

And ideally the room looks like this . . .



Whether you are a host or a guest this season, be a good one.


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