Gifts for the Home Sweet Home


1.I love special artwork as a gift.  This limited edition piece on Minted is reasonably priced and represents a trip on my bucket list.  Pictures of places you’ve been are also nice, just make sure they have some meaning.  Horseface should be a hero and get me this print, and a ticket to Cali and a room at the Post Ranch Inn, with a puppy in it, and call it a day . 2. I have one of these clever glass matchbox covers with the classic Chanel logo, but I am loving this Dom one, as well.  Waiting on Martha has a few to choose from.   3. A non-toxic candle – YAY!  Founded by Bee Shapiro, beauty columnist for The New York Times, Ellis Brooklyn was born from the need for non-toxic products for people who love fine luxury fragrances. Like moi!  4. Brass pill box for my  um, someone’s, xanax. 5. We just did a lil’ facelift on our kitchen and I was very close to getting the adorbs SMEG fridge, but practicality won out.  womp.  I’ll settle for this toaster, however.  6. Beautiful Dana Gibson hand-painted statement tray.  I have this in ivory in my bathroom displaying all my BC goodies, I wouldn’t mind the pink on my coffee table in the living room.  7. & 8. This pink martini pitcher and matching glasses are a must. 9. I received one of these super soft and washable throw blankets as a gift last year.  I want one in every color.  Perfect gift for everyone on your list! 10. I’m smitten with Slim Aaron.  11. Marble & copper monogram board 12. Oh, yes, these darling bow sconces have had my eye for some time.  Santa would get a big ol’ hug if these were under the tree! 13. And this door mat pretty much sums up my life.

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