Recommendations from the Book Nerd

Anyone who knows me, pretty much knows that this is how I feel.


This is how you can find me, happily, all summer long.


And in the winter, I’ll settle for this.


So, obvi I think books make the best gifts!

Here are some of my recommendations.

For the Francophile or the fashionista: My Paris Dream  I would like to think if I had my shiz more together I would have been Kate Betts a/k/a the youngest editor ever to take over a national fashion magazine.  Alas, I adored her book.


If you are a music geek  or you worked in Manhattan in the mid 90’s, or if you ever struggled to find yourself — Party of One is for you.  (and NPR agrees – on their best books of 2016 list )


Bonus photo because he’s my college friend.  And he was an MTV Veejay.  And you don’t want to read this book yet? What’s wrong with you?


String Theory –  This tennis lover is dying to read it…and apparently so is Bill Gates.  We have so much in common, right?



For anyone who needs the confidence to just freaking GO for it: You are a Badass (and P.S. you are!)


For the Jane Austen lover, and quite possibly my favorite book I read this year, which is high praise  (from the author of Prep) Eligible


For anyone making New Year’s Resolutions The Desire Map


For anyone who needs to remember to slow down and focus on what’s important (me! me! me!) Essentialism


For the the Irish American who loves being Irish Brooklyn


For anyone (male or female) looking for a page turner  I am Pilgrim


And don’t forget…


P.S. Follow me on Goodreads if you want to keep up with what I’m reading.




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