For the Fitness Junkie

We all know one, don’t we?  Well, why don’t you gift her something fab to go along with her current fitness obsession.


Festive Leggings – because you know she’s definitely going to work out on New Year’s Eve.


With this mini-emergency kit, she will never (gasp!) forget her earbuds again.


Rosewater Mist – best post-workout schpritz around.


For the Barre girl there’s no such thing as too many socks.


This has my name written all over it.unnamed-1_e4f85617-a5ba-4066-9d26-111bb4d8ae6c_grande.jpg

Treat the yoga maniac to a new mat with her zodiac sign.  My sign, ahem the best sign, Capricorn is shown below.


Because those OTF people do not kid around.


Bootcamp folks will live (not die) for this tank


If she’s running outdoors in the winter, she will cozy up to this warm and adorable ponytail hat.


But, best of all, simply give her the gift of letting her go work out in peace!


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