Gift Guide for Little Girlies

not gonna lie . . . little girls are fun, fun, fun to buy for.  This year we are attempting to go by Annie’s rules . . .

Here’s Phoebes 1st draft.  A real minimalist, just like her mama . . .

Their final drafts to Santa have come a long way.


And of course all they really want is a puppy, of the french bulldog variety, of course. Stay tuned on that.


1. Snow tubes – snow cone & doughnut are faves 2. Unicorn Hobby Horseface 3. Boogie Board {this actually was a teacher recommendation} 4. Fairies Craft Box 5. Bongos & 6. Ukulele {move over Partridge family!} 7. Just once, and I believe this year will be our final window – I want a larger than life, soft AF,  stuffed animal under the tree for them! 8. Yoga Mat 9. They are way into NomNoms 10. Sooooo this kitchen is way nicer than mine. I might ask Santa for this myself. 11. Matching mermaid blanket tails for them and their dollies. 12. Karaoke Machine


Obviously all they really need is food, shelter & love.  But these were a few things we put in the need category.  {Well, they just put a french bulldog puppy.  Obvs.}  Have I mentioned we all really really want a puppy?

1. Warm Hat & 2. Mittens & scarf to match this hat 3. Wet Brush 4. Electric Toothbrush 5. Bombas socks 6. Underwear 7. Water Bottle 8. Snowsuit 9. Shampoo, Conditioner, & Bodywash Set 10. 100 hair ties! 11. Snow boots

Something to wear & Something to read coming at ya this afternoon.

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