Gift Guide for Girlies : Part 2


1.Unicorn Headband 2. Winter Gumball Bracelet 3. Frenchie Tunic {comes in other adorbs animals, too- just not as cute as this Jorge look-alike.  Obvs.} 4. Faux-fur Peacoat 5. Rainbow Necklace 6. Festive Sweater 7. Bobby Pins 8. Unicorn Hooded Robe 9. Bow Boots 10. Sparkly Outfit {I want this in my size!} 11. Glitter Emoji Bag 12. Light-Up Bunny Slippers 13. Unicorn Sunnies 14. Mouse slippers 

2 of each, please! Now if I could find some actual unicorns & puppies, I’d be all set.

Something to read coming after bedtime stories . . .

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