Dear Santa,

This is pretty much the story of my life. But, each year I still try.


Here’s what’s on the top of my list for the big guy.

Tory Burch Hibbert Coat


Gucci Princetown Slippers.  Zebra or Gold?  I can’t decide.

A Birkin.  But not that Birkin.  A Birkin basket.  According to my source Le Catch, glam girls all over are carrying them a la Jane Birkin herself.  And the price is right ($65).

The Beautycounter Winter Dream Palette.  Because it can make you look like this…IMG_4990.JPG

(not my usual after school pick up look, if you catch my drift)

A fresh little pouch from Luxe & Hazel. I think the Margarita one is calling my name.FullSizeRender-1.jpg

As my children can attest, you can never ever find a regular pen in our house.  Neon highlighter? Purple pen?  Orange crayon? Navy Beautycounter eye pencil? Yes to all of those.  Pen with blue or black ink?  No way, Jose. So I would love to treat myself to some of these beauties from Parker Thatch.


I basically want everything from Anine Bing, but if I had to narrow it down…

This skirt is ridiculously good.


The draped top has been calling my name for some time now.AB43-019_AB30-032_AB82-007_1151.jpeg

And so has the fuzzy knit sweater.  Might as well throw in the sequin pajama pants, too.AB46-035_AB36-010_AB83-002_009_1.jpg

Last but not least, I think every girl should have a little surprise in her stocking that packs a big punch.  I say “yes, please” to these Jennifer Alfano Orbit Cuffs and rings .FullSizeRender-2.jpg

Plus, you know, I also wouldn’t mind world peace, everyone to get along for just 15 minutes please, a nice long nap and for one sunny, warm day to be back here…1397241_10206908573886341_6308729544868295513_o…with these jokers.


174 days until Memorial Day!

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